2021 Forecast for Each Sign: 12 Webinars on the Astrological Trends for the Year Ahead

January 1, 2021 - 12:00pm
For Readings: 

The Twelve Kingdoms of Light: 2021 Astrological Trends for Each Zodiac Sign

2020 was a challenging year and 2021 is born out of this burdensomeness. Prepare for the year ahead and learn to navigate the cosmos...

This webinar a 12-meeting series, each dedicated to the 2021 astrological trends and forecast for a different zodiac sign. The sessions cover eclipses, Mercury retro, the karmic lessons for the year, periods that are beneficial or challenging for love, business, health, and family. We cover the transits of Venus and Mars we well as month-to-month forecast. There will be a recording of webinars available for participants. The webinar takes place every Wed and Friday 12pmPST 3pmET 8pmUT Staring on Jan 1.

The price is 88$ for the 12 sessions. It is recommended to attend or download all 12 sessions since: 1. You might know people from these signs and it will help you understand them better 2. In your chart, each sign rules a different area in your life.

Aries: Jan 1; Taurus: Jan 6; Gemini: Jan 8;
Cancer: Jan 13; Leo: Jan 15; Virgo: Jan 20;
Libra: Jan 22; Scorpio: Jan 27; Sagittarius: Jan 29;
Capricorn: Feb 3; Aquarius: Feb 5; Pisces: Feb 10;

There will be time for questions

You can download a free chart from my web site: www.CosmicNavigator.com