Cosmic Navigation: The Libra Universe - The secrets, magic, and potential of Libra and how to get along better with member of the league of justice sign.

September 23, 2021 - 11:00am
For Readings: 

Are you a Libra or have a Libra rising or moon?
Do you have a partner, family member, or boss that is a Libra?

This is the workshop you have been waiting for to better understand this alluring zodiac archetype. The webinar provides you with the tools necessary to get along better with Libras by understanding who they are, what they need, and what spiritual tools their sign offers us all.

In the workshop we explore:

Libra’s Kabbalistic symbol and meaning
The Equinox as the gateway of Libra
The color of Libra and how it can be used practically
How Gandhi’s “Way out of hell,” can teach us balance
John Lennon’s “Imagine” lyrics and its connection to Libra
Maat and her Scales of Universal Justice
The Beauty and the Beast
Q & A concerning Libra in your chart

The webinar covers major astrological aspects taking place during the passage of the Sun in Libra this year (Sep 22 – Oct 22).

This is the first of 12 webinars for each of the zodiac signs.