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Shopping the Site

We know that every computer is different, so every shopper has a different experience while browsing in the Store. We try to desing for the broadest spectrum of users.

While shopping the Store, you must have your cookies enabled ( on most of the computers they are enabled by default ) in order for our software to keep track of your shopping cart and help you through the checkout process. If you are having problems with keeping items in your shopping cart or getting lost during checkout, disabled cookies may be the problem. If you need help with cookies, try here.

Ordered Electronic Software Download product; expect to receive at least 2 emails:

  1. Order Received - This email confirms that we have received your online order and it will include your order number. Order Completed - This is your invoice. Please print for your Records. No other invoice will be sent.
  2. Account details - Store - This email contains also a link where you can download your file(s). Email will be sent from store[at] . Please allow 5 minutes for processing before receiving the Software Download email.

Note: You will need broadband connectivity to download files above 20MB!