Questions & Answers about Kabbalah

By Gahl Sasson
Edited by Steve Weinstein

What is Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is an ancient spiritual system designed to create harmony and balance in the individual as well as the universe. It allows us to communicate with and receive messages, Light and sustenance from the divine. Kabbalah elucidates the world both seen and unseen. It provides answers to the questions of how and why we are here. The guiding principles of Kabbalah simultaneously explain and orchestrate the birth of the universe and every process of creation,...Read more

The Tree of Life and the Ten Divine Utterances

The following is an excerpt from Cosmic Navigator by Gahl Sasson:

While astrology maps the energies of our solar system and galaxy, Kabbalah explores the entire creation—physical, astral, and whatever lies hidden and beyond. The Tree of Life blooms in the center of the mystical garden of Kabbalah. It functions as the spiritual organizer for all cosmic navigators, who can use its ever-present power to improve their lives and climb their way closer to God. Kabbalah teaches us how to transform ourselves into cables that...Read more

Manifesting With The Kabbalah

Gahl Sasson and Steve Weinstein have written a book about manifesting with the Kabbalah, A Wish Can Change Your Life. Published by Simon & Schuster of New York, it encourages its readers to "make a wish, any wish!". Every week you will be lead through one sphere on the Tree of Life. The book leads readers through a practice which incorporates meditation, chanting, journaling, noticing the synchronicities in one’s life and the magic of ritual. It teaches readers to use the magic of the tree to...Read more

The Kabbalistic Matrix

All creations follow the Tree of Life. Movies, for example, vividly illustrate the inner-workings of the Tree because virtually every film tells the story of the wish-fulfilling journey of its hero. Nerdy boy yearns to love beautiful girl. The Queen wishes to unify England. The FBI agent dreams of cracking the big case without cracking up himself. The Sefer Yitzerah, the oldest Kabalistic text on Earth, states “God created His universe with a story [Sipur],” and so logically every story embodies the process of God’s creation.
By transposing the plot of a movie...Read more