The Roaring 20s

Yesterday I came across an article in the last addition of the Economist titled "The Roaring 20s - Why a dawn of technological optimism is breaking" As you can imagine, it relates to a...Read more

The Music of the Spheres

In honor the new year, I shared with the participants of the free weekly Check-Up, the story of the Music of the Spheres and I thought this platform is as good as any to further discuss...Read more

Lunar Eclipse July 5 and Chiron Return

As promised, the last week was very eventful. The 2nd Jupiter-Pluto conjunction this year has resurrected the issues we dealt with in April when the planet first made contact. In the U.S...Read more

Eventful Week: Solstice and Eclipse Same Day.

Here comes the flood of stardust and cosmic downpour. As promised 2020 is the year of change and we are just half way through. The next week is full of celestial events. While still under...Read more

The Moon's Journey

As you might have guessed, the moon is very busy after she crossed the equinox line. We had the Aries new moon beginning the month of Nisan and 14 days later, the Passover-Last-Supper...Read more

The Spiritual Meaning Behind Passover and Easter

This year is different than any other year. As I explained in my book on 2020 as well as prior emails, the numerology underlining this year is 4 (death in Chinese) and 22 (Master Builder...Read more

Reincarnation: The Transmigration of the Souls

In a recent interview I was asked if I "believe" in reincarnation and I answered without hesitation, "no!" The reported was surprised since she was covering my workshop on past lives. I...Read more

Immigration and Emigration: an Anthropological and Mythological Perspective

Lately governments, political parties, and individuals use anti-immigration rhetoric to gain power and popularity. Some of these people proudly call themselves pious and God fearing. All...Read more

Your Birthday

Ok, first a confession. It is my birthday today, April 15, the US Tax Day, and if it wasn't for the fact that Leonardo da Vinci shared my birthday, I would be utterly depressed. But it is...Read more

Chrion - the Wounded Healer and Immortality. Part I

Cronos, Lord Time, was married to his sister, Rhea, mother of gods. However, as siblings, he knew her all his life, and often expressed his lack of passion to his sister/wife, “Come on,...Read more

All About Sadness

Politicians are not above the law, nor are astrologers above the planets, and I, like many others, was caught in the cosmic whirlpool of the eclipses and Mercury/Mar retrogrades. In a mix...Read more

Chrion - the Wounded Healer and Immortality. Part II

Myths, are true stories that never happened. And yet, these stories, which transcend space (where they originated) and time (when they were conceived) can help us not only...Read more