Happy Mythological Birthday to Humanity – New Moon in Libra

Moses was told by God, that the newly freed salves wondering in the desert towards their Promise Land should start using a calendar. I guess the logic was that while they were slaves,...Read more

Power of Names II

Before I begin, happy Equinox! On Sep 22nd, we officially started the introversive and feminine part of the year. We are asked to mimic nature, shed off what we do not need and let go of...Read more

Power of Names

In the book of Genesis we read that once God finished his creation, he politely asked Adam and Eve to name the animals and plants. Since an early age I wondered how come Adam and Eve...Read more

Bad is the New Good – Meditations on HellBoy

The tagline “Believe it or not, he’s the good guy,” started a train of thoughts that eventually lead me to this Spirit Talk.

The line is from the poster for the...Read more

Heaven on Earth: A Fractured Myth

Water swallowed the world.

One tiny boat, all that remained of life that trod the dirt, splashed through the monstrous waves. Noah steered toward nowhere. This one kind soul, the...Read more