Becoming Virgo

From August 22 - September 22 the Sun walks through the mountainous lands of Virgo. In the agricultural cycle on which Astrology is based, this is the time in the year we harvest what we...Read more

Astrology Rocks – Some Historical Magic

In Astrology, the sign Sagittarius, which is the sign of traveling, is also the sign associated with wisdom, truth and study. I saw the magic of Sagittarius in action after I gave a...Read more

New Moon Solar Eclipse - July 21st-22nd

I am sending you this short message from the Mother of all Cities, Istanbul. The Muezzin just finished his last call for prayer and whoever did not hid the summon, will probably have to...Read more

Saturn Returns to Iran

According to the many mystical traditions, your name is the DNA of your destiny. Understanding and decoding your name unfolds its spiritual meaning which in turn works like a password...Read more

All about Fortune, Bear and Bull Markets…

Sometimes we find messages hiding outside of our inbox. I am not talking about spam, I am referring to insights and other such unwritten communications we sometimes receive with no...Read more

Catlike President…

Christopher Hitchens wrote a piece for The Atlantic on President Obama entitled “Cool Cat,” where he says that he thinks it is “rather nice to have a feline for president.” Jacob Weisberg...Read more

The Times They Are A-Changing

The Times They Are A-Changing Mercury Retrograde May 6 – 30th Full Moon in Scorpio – May 8th

The Times They Are A-Changin …wrote the great prophet Bob Dylan...Read more

Saturn in Virgo – Pets!

I was given the honor and was selected along with other healers around the world to take part in a TV series about spirituality and its effect on our lives. The producers have asked me to...Read more

The Yin Yang Financial Crisis

Happy Spring, Passover and Easter

This time of the year represents the liberation from oppression, the winter of our discontent, and whatever enslaved us. That is the reason early farmers in Mesopotamia celebrated the...Read more