• Keyword: Experience, Live!
  • Wish Imperative: Thank yourself and the universe for a wish come true. Pick a new wish and voyage on the Tree again.
  • Hebrew name: Malchut
  • Myth and Personalities: Your Life Story from Birth to this
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  • Keywords: Sex, Death and Transformation
  • Wish Imperative: Blend all of your experiences to date into a revisualization of your wish come true. Let the old you die and witness yourself reborn as a wish-fulfilled human being.
  • Hebrew name: Yesod
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  • Keywords: Reproduce, Relationship, Mother Nature
  • Wish Imperative: Replicate again and again all the behaviors and thoughts that have paid dividends thus far.
  • Hebrew name: Netzach
  • Myth and Personalities: The Seven Orishas of
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  • Keywords: Will of God
  • Wish Imperative: Meditate and decide with conviction precisely what you want to wish for. Write it down.
  • Hebrew name of sphere: Keter
  • Myth and Personalities: No-Thing
  • Planet:
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  • Keywords: Strength, Decisiveness, Energy
  • Wish Imperative: Scrutinize all the options that you’ve tried and tested so far and cut out everything that doesn’t benefit your wish. Capitalize on the vitalizing power of this sphere to make decisive progress.
  • Hebrew
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  • Keyword: Communication
  • Wish Imperative: Converse with your wish and listen for answers that will thrust it forward fast. Rephrase and tweak your goal in more specific terms. Seek out messengers that will breathe life into your wish.
  • Hebrew name: Hod
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  • Keywords: Discipline, Time and Space
  • Wish Imperative: Here the Tree inculcates the importance of discipline and persistence in achieving any wish. Adopting some sort of personal discipline— swearing off caffeine or pledging to meditate at least 15 minutes every day—will
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  • Keyword: Intuition
  • Wish Imperative: Pay attention to intuition and synchronicities. Allow the universe to proffer insights and information that will push your wish toward fruition.
  • Hebrew name of sphere: Hochma
  • Myth and Personalities
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  • Keywords: Forgiveness, Compassion, Expansion
  • Wish Imperative: Open yourself without judgment to each and every meeting, invitation, adventure or request that presents itself. Trust in the generosity of the sphere and for one week try everything. Emulate the great masters of
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  • Keywords: Love, Balance, Sacrifice
  • Wish Imperative: Practice creative visualization and imagine your wish fulfilled exactly as you want it. Sacrifice some part of the old you—a bad habit or a predilection for rash reactions—to make yourself more beautiful (godly) in your own
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