Belinda Casas-Wells

Four years ago Gahl Sasson gave me the most astonishing astrological reading I have ever had. He informed me that I would meet a Taurus who would transform my life. He also said that he could clearly “see” six children. “I wonder where the six is coming from?” he asked with sincere curiosity. When I stopped laughing I explained to him that six children were impossible. Because of a childhood disease getting pregnant was simply not an option. I reminded him that I was in a comfy relationship with a sweet guy and wasn’t about to walk away from it for the vagaries of romance. My boyfriend and I were both happily uninterested in marriage. So there! But that was then and this is now. Today I am married to a wonderful Triple Taurus who turned my life inside out. A quick check of my wedding photo reveals six children: two step daughters, one step son, two darling nephews and a niece (Who wasn’t yet born at the time of Gahl’s astrological prediction. ) P.S. My ex-boyfriend is now very happily engaged. Gahl was 100% right and has been kind enough not to gloat about it. Thanks Gahl!"

— Belinda Casas-Wells, Santa Monica, CA. Screenwriter, Producer.