Dr. Julian Neil

Gahl Sasson is one of the most extraordinarily talented spiritual healers on the planet. I am a successful psychoanalyst, yoga master and holistic doctor practicing in New York and California, who has traveled extensively around the globe learning both new and ancient healing modalities, and I make this claim without a single reservation. A gifted and brilliant teacher, Mr. Sasson has had a profound effect on both my clients and myself. His workshop on the Tree of Life generated raves and gratitude even from my many clients who thought they had seen and heard it all. His innovative approach to spirituality, unfailingly infused with his innate humor, compassion and wisdom, has empowered and aided us all in achieving our goals and dreams. I count Mr. Sasson among the top few original thinkers in the world today."

Dr. Julian Neil, psychoanalyst, yoga master and head of the Nutritional department of NACD (National Association of Child Development). Los Angeles, CA.