Melissa Jones

My name is Melissa Jones. My boyfriend Michael and I came to see you on Nov. 24 and I just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience. First of all, a couple of synchronicities: you told us to discuss our relationship near the suggestion of a friend I had made dinner reservations for us at a restaurant following our session with you. Not having been there before, I had no idea that they had a big, beautiful fountain or that they would seat us directly across from it. Michael wanted to pick up the bill since I had treated him to our session with you. The bill was $108. We both laughed when it came! (the chart was also 108$) The session was so helpful, inspiring and 1000 other good adjectives. You were right on about EVERYTHING! Michael was profoundly affected by it. I could tell that he was then, but over the last month it has become increasingly obvious. It is as if he has had some sort of awakening, and it has been beautiful to see. I don't know what you did, but you gave him exactly the kick in the pants he needed. Me too. Thank you so much. I'm sure we'll be back soon, either individually, as a couple or in one of your classes. You are so very gifted. Thank you for sharing your gift
—Melissa Jones, Los Angeles, CA.