Tim Sexton

I have had two movies produced for HBO in the last two years. 'For Love or Country' was nominated for best picture for both the Emmys and the Golden Globes, and I received the Writer's Guild Paul Selvin award for my screenplay. 'Boycott' won the best picture for the NAACP Awards, and was awarded this year's Peabody. When I first encountered Gahl four years ago, I was struggling in every aspect of my life. I took two courses with him, which opened my heart and my mind. Things that I dreamed started to manifest in my life. I don't perceive his work as magic, for the word implies a touch of luck. Gahl's technologies are extremely practical and empowering. Now with the perspective of a few years, I am witness to the massive changes activated in my life. Gahl's work focused me on my heart, to trust my heart and speak its wish. Instead of a life of inevitability, I live in a world of possibility."
-- Tim Sexton, screenwriter of Children of Men (2006). Topanga, CA