Alexandra Kulwant

Gahl's expansive knowledge of the inter-related nature of numerous forms of spirituality is truly refreshing, and indicative of humanity's gradual shift from the Piscean obsession with diversity into the Aquarian truth of a unified mankind. Both his group classes and private sessions provide not only in-depth and

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Shoshana Terri

My name is Shoshana and Hebrew is my language. I always go to get my Gahl “fix.” As a practitioner of Kabbalah I am well aware of the importance of names and I was very reassured to learn before my first reading with Gahl, that the man who will read my stars is called Gahl Sasson. Gahl was given a

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Marlayna Glynn-Brown

I consulted you to purchase astrological readings as a Valentine's Day gift for someone special to me. While it was fun and exciting to initially read our reports and dream about the future, as time is passing, the mysterious wisdom of your words becomes more apparent! Two years have now passed, and he and I were

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Charlie Holbrook

For those who have had the privilege of meeting Gahl Sasson, there is a collective thought that he is a treasure to humanity. I personally regard him as having a favored connection with the energy of the life force available to this planet that shares it with selected individuals whose path is to pass on such

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Melissa Jones

My name is Melissa Jones. My boyfriend Michael and I came to see you on Nov. 24 and I just wanted to thank you for an amazing experience. First of all, a couple of synchronicities: you told us to discuss our relationship near water....at the suggestion of a friend I had made dinner reservations for us at a

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Carolyn Juster

Gahl, I want to thank you for being the messenger that you are. What I have learned from you over these past few years has helped me cope with some challenging times in my life. By integrating this knowledge into my life, I have become happier and more accepting of my life on Earth.

— Carolyn Juster a

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Dr. Julian Neil

Gahl Sasson is one of the most extraordinarily talented spiritual healers on the planet. I am a successful psychoanalyst, yoga master and holistic doctor practicing in New York and California, who has traveled extensively around the globe learning both new and ancient healing modalities, and I make this claim

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Belinda Casas-Wells

Four years ago Gahl Sasson gave me the most astonishing astrological reading I have ever had. He informed me that I would meet a Taurus who would transform my life. He also said that he could clearly “see” six children. “I wonder where the six is coming from?” he asked with sincere curiosity

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W Magazine

Sasson’s brand of astrology draws from Cabala and the tarot. A favorite of the film crowd.”

— W Magazine

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Arielle Ford

Gahl Sasson is a modern-day mystic and a very wise man. His Storytelling weaves Kabbalistic principles and ancient myths into a blueprint for making your dreams come true.”

— Arielle Ford, best-selling author.

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