Zodiac Sign Cancer: How to Get Along and Channel the Sign

Cancer is the giver of life. It is the sign of family, birth, nurturing, security, real-estate, land, and unconditional love. This video can help you understand the archetype of Cancer, how to get along better with them and what to focus on during the moth of Cancer: June 21-July 22 (depends on the year)

  • June 21 to July 22
  • Key Phrase: “I feel”—unconditional love
  • General Qualities: Nurturing, natural-born healer, supportive, compassionate, family oriented, sensitive, homey, and maternal
  • Dark Side:Guilt, attachment, dependency, passive aggressiveness, and a deep need to be needed
  • Element: Cardinal water
  • Planet: The moon, the giver of light in our darkest moments
  • Day: Monday
  • Theme: Birth
  • Parts of the Body: Ribs, stomach, breasts, internal organs, womb
  • Color: Orange-yellow

Cancer is the giver of life, the archetype of the Great Mother and the womb of creation. Cancer is also called the queen of the zodiac, while Leo, the next sign, is the king. Cancer, the sign of the Dalai Lama and Princess Diana, represents the family and home, the (crab) shell that provides security and shelter, protection and emotional sustenance. Of all the signs, Cancer is considered to be the most nurturing and caring, like the mother who nests her children under her wings. Cancer can help you to rectify and heal family problems, find security, and create a safe environment for
growth. In the week of Cancer, you will learn to improve your familial relationships as well as how to enhance your emotional connections to your home and office. You will also develop your capacity for compassion and unconditional love.