Astro News May 6

Astrology is not a fortune telling tool. It is not interested in what will happen, but rather, in what has happened. Astrologers agree with historians who claim that history repeats itself. Therefore by looking at the past and tracing repetitive cycles, astrologers discovered patterns that can also be projected towards the future.
For thousands of years, all over the globe, wise men and women gazed at the stars and found a correlation between the cycles of the planets and events on earth. Intellectual towers the likes of Benjamin Franklin, Johannes Kepler, Newton, Galileo, Ptolemy, Augustus, Churchill, and St. Thomas Aquinas, just to name a few, developed and used astrology creating a technical support manual for life under the stars.
Neptune has moved to Pisces, its own home. Neptune, the ancient god of the sea, feels most comfortable in his place deep in the Piscean ocean.