Becoming Sagittarius - How to Get Along with Sagittarians

  • Challenge the Sagittarius. Give him a mission, a call for adventure. Dare her to excel and spread her fire.
  • Be optimistic and pay respect to luck. Sagittarius understands the magic of fortune. The more optimistic you are, the more you focus on the positive events in your life, the more luck you will attract. Start simple: imagine that that you will find a convenient parking spot with money already in the meter, for example. Optimism does beget luck. Try it. And play this kind of game whenever you are with your lucky Sagittarius friends.
  • Travel with Sagittarians. At a minimum, travel with them to lectures, art exhibits, or movies about foreign lands.
  • Dont argue with a Sagittarius about morality, philosophy, and religion.
  • Give them as much freedom as possible. They are social creatures, beloved, like the centaur, by all. Let them travel to clubs, events, or odd daily adventures as they wish. Since they are half-horse and half-human, they need some space to run around.