Cancers need to be needed. Don't be afraid to show your vulnerability.
They will appreciate you when you bare your emotional side

  • Show patience with Cancers. They are notoriously slow. If you live with a
  • Cancer, afford him or her enough time for preparation before you go out.
  • Visit your Cancer friends in their homes. Bring something for their homes.
  • Compliment them as hosts.
  • Do not try to make Cancers feel guilty. Guilt is their job. They will react
  • in a disproportionately distressing manner whenever you try to make them
  • feel bad.
  • If a Cancer friend or family member is moving his or her home or office,
  • offer to help. Just as the hermit crab becomes most vulnerable when it is
  • looking for a new shell, so does the Cancer.
  • Try to get along with the Cancers' family members. Even if they complain
  • about their family, respond with impartiality. No matter what, do not
  • slander those family members
  • Nourish, feed, love, and listen to them. Cancers eat up emotional support.
  • If a Cancer withdraws into his or her shell, drop everything to talk.

Encourage the Cancer to discuss the issue that caused the emotional pain.
Show compassion to these people who bring us compassion. Sometimes
they need to know that they are loved and looked after.