East Meet West on February 14th 2010 - Year of the Tiger & Valentie's Day

Welcome to Valentine’s and Chinese New Year weekend. This weekend promises a big swell of celestial energy waves for all of you free-spirit surfers . First, we have a wonderful New Moon on Saturday, the 13th around 7pmPST. New Moon always brings a fresh new outlook at life and since it is a New Moon in Aquarius, it will allow you to easily access new friends, reconnect to groups, community, organizations, as well as other aspects of Aquarian aspects of life that include hope, computers, intuition, innovation, and technology. However, this weekend has many more surprises. The New Moon in Aquarius always marks the Chinese New Year. This weekend begins the year of the Golden Tiger. The tiger represents courage, fearlessness, determination, as well s as the ability to go and hunt what you need. The Tiger infuse us with optimism, passion and drive. In general, if all goes well, this is the year you will be able to both purr with pleasure and roar your strengths.

The Tiger is the Yin – feminine aspect of the Chinese Zodiac, it represents that counterpart of the Yang masculine Dragon. This is a year to be receptive to new directions in life. After all, the divine feminine is often time associated with the tiger. That is why you will see Durga in the Hindu mythology as well as Sekmet from the Ancient Egyptian pantheon riding a tiger.

In Feng Shui, the Tiger represents the west side of the home, property or office. Make sure you make sage, cleanse, and renovate the west side of your residence or business. West in Kabbalah and Western mysteries is also associated with the feminine, and since the Sun “dies” in the west, the West in Ancient Egypt as well as Kabbalah is afford us the ability letting go (the Tiger is a killer after all) of whatever we do not need that has been blocking our life for the last twelve years.

And if we are already in the West, let’s talk about Valentine’s Day. The Catholic Church has produced more Saints then Hollywood did starlets. There are three Valentine Saints and all have different stories. History often mixes with myths especially if monks are the ones recording the stories. In the video I made for you guys, staring my new Begal tiger cat, I talk about one of these saints.

I think it is interesting that this year the Easter Chinese New Year happen to be synchronized with the Western celebration of relationships and friendship. I see it as a great sign that relationships between the East and West are becoming stronger. I just hope Politicians on both sides of the globe pay attention to these synchronicities. Maybe we should start electing Yoga practicing officials…

Happy Tiger Year and Happy Valentine’s