June 26th Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. This the first of two major eclipses this summer. The eclipses affects everyone on the planet (including the Vs and other illegal aliens), but people born around March 21-28 (Aries), June 21-28 (Cancer), Sep 22-27 (Libra), and Dec 21-28 (Capricorn) will feel the influences far more than others. Below you will find some suggestions how to deal with the upcoming events. Lunar eclipses traditionally affect women, families and inner processes, revealing and exposing hidden issues that we rather not deal with. Lovely... To make it more dramatic and to raise the stakes, Pluto, the Lord of transformation, death, and sexuality sits RIGHT on the Moon at the moment of the eclipse. This will add some darkness and saturate the energy with a touch of Vampire blood, intrigues, paranoia, and manipulations. Communication can really help: say what you feel, don't let us guess what you are going through because chances are that we will be completely wrong.

July 11th is a total Solar Eclipse, far more powerful than the Lunar eclipse. This will affect governments, men and external events and politicians. People born in the middle of the cardinal signs will feel it more acutely: April 3-9 (Aries), July 6-12 (Cancer), October 6-13 (Libra), and Jan 4-10 (Capricorn). What makes these eclipses more powerful is the fact that they occur in conjunction with the Grand Crosses. These rare aspects will make us all feel torn between opposing forces, pitting allies against each other and forcing us to choose sides. This will happen on all levels, and even if you feel very balanced your neighbors might freak out or your in-laws decide to act out so just take it easy around those dates and be present. The eclipse touches major points in the chart of the US, European Union chart, UK chart and the Federal Reserve chart as well as the United Nation's chart. All these institutions will somehow make it to the front page of your favorite newspapers.

Pay extra attention to projects, intentions, ideas, and relationships that begin between the 11th and 25th of July. These processes will influence and color your life for the next six months.
These astrological configurations are not here to break us or make our life miserable. They are part of the spiritual climate change that is designed to helps us grown, get rid of excesses, and build our character. And no, it's nothing to do with 2012. The Mayan prophesies will not come true, that is, unless America decides for some reason to elect Sarah Palin as the 45th President of the United States.
Suggestion of how to deal with these aspects:

Don't be reactive -- There will be many spiritual traps designed to cause you to act out. Resist.
Do not instigate -- Be active but don't cause trouble to yourself or others. Choose your battles wisely.
Forgive -- The water of compassion will be able to put out most of the fires caused by the eclipses.
Ask for an explanation, don't be quick to judge -- Give people a second chance. Most humans don't get to receive free astrological advice of what's happening up there like you did.
Patience -- See above.
Try again, don't give up -- You might be tested how serious you are about getting what you want.
Government -- Like it or not most governments are nothing more than legal mafias. However hard it will be for you, for them it's gonna be a much worse. Check your visas, passport, and papers. Don't piss the police.
Besides that, have a great summer, this a grad opportunity to make a quantum leap in your personal growth. It will bring a great deal of opportunities, creativity and success to people who are conscious of the State of the Skies...