Getting Along with Scorpio

How to Get Long with Scorpios by Gahl Sasson from Cosmic Navigator Design Your Destiny with Astrology and Kabbalah

  • Never lie. They can see right through you. Honestly attempt to reveal as much as you can without endangering your privacy. It is better to expose some of your secrets than to wait for Scorpios to send in their own private investigator.
  • Scorpio resembles a whirlpool in the ocean. You cant swim against the current. The only way to escape is to dive all the way down to the source and then move out of the narrow bottom. If you encounter trouble with Scorpios, you need to go all the way down with them. Be emotional. Dig deep into your inner core. There are no shortcuts. Go to the heart of the issue. And dont brush off their feelings or insights. • Be intimate and real. Spend time one-on-one with your Scorpio buddies. Quality time is more important then the quantity of time.
  • Scorpio governs sexuality and any other drive that evokes passion. Identify what drives the Scorpio and encourage that enthusiasm. A crazily successful Scorpio car dealer I know, in an intimate moment, revealed the secret of his success. He climbs in the car and drives it to the nearest highway. I hit the accelerator, he said. If I get an erection within ten seconds, then I know that I will sell the car for a huge profit. He paid no mind to the cars mileage or luxury features. He relied solely on his deep-seated Scorpio reaction. Remember, Scorpio equals drive.
  • Dont try to expose Scorpios. They are private people, and you need to respect the no trespassing signs they erect around their personalities. They will eventually reveal themselves.
  • Many astrologers contend that Scorpio is the only sign that gets along best with members of its own sign. Thats not because no one else can stand Scorpios. Its just that few other signs can handle their intensity. If you want to get along with a Scorpio, practice becoming a Scorpio yourself. Be intimate, sexual, and mysterious.