How to Get Along with a Taurus

  • To make a Taurus happy, you must address all five senses. Its vital to cook well, look good, smell sweet, sing well, and touch, touch, touch. For example, if you prepare a dinner for a Taurus, add music to background, light fragrant candles, and present the food artistically. The entire sensory experience matters.
  • Never talk business when the Taurus is hungry or uncomfortable.
  • Dont be cheap. Think luxury.
  • Compliment the Taurus on how she looks and dresses, as well as the car she drives.
  • If a Taurus insists on talking about a particular subject, don't try to persuade her otherwise. If she feels that you are trying to change her, the Taurus will stubbornly dig in and refuse to move.
  • Help the Taurus see, appreciate, and invest in her talents. Support all of the Taurus's artistic endeavors.