How to Get Along with Virgos

  • Cross all the t's and dot all the i's. Then choose your words wisely, as if they were a scarce resource. If you send an email, spell-check twice.
  • Ask Virgos for advice. If they refuse and claim that they're no expert (though they probably are), tell them that you value their insight anyway.
  • Be clean and tidy. Dress up to code, appropriate to the occasion. They don't really approve of a casual or sloppy style.
  • When Virgos shift into argument mode, gently change the subject. It is hard to keep up with their logic and thoroughness. You can't win an argument with a Virgo.
  • They love dining but prefer not to spend too much money on themselves. When you go out, select restaurants that are delicious but inexpensive.
  • Don't get upset if Virgos are stingy with compliments. But if you ever do receive a compliment from a Virgo, then you will know that you really deserve it.
  • Help Virgos serve and be useful. That is all they want.