How to Get Along with Pisces

  • Tell Pisces your dreams. Demonstrate that you are a dreamer too.
  • Dont plan activities for too early in the morning. And dont talk to them before theyve had their morning fix, whether its coffee, their newspaper, or what ever helps them break from dream time.
  • Whenever they get confused or overwhelmed with life, help them create a schedule or a plan that will provide them with a clear path. Offer them tools to connect to discipline and boundaries.
  • Show vulnerability. Demonstrate that you have feelings and can sense others pain.
  • Pisces flow back and forth like water, sometimes cold and sometimes warm. If the Pisces withdraws now and then, dont take it personally. Like the tide, he or she will return.
  • All the rivers flow into the sea and yet the sea is never full, says Ecclesiastes. No matter how much emotion you pour into them, Pisces will feel the need for more feelings.
  • Laughter, jokes, and silliness can help defuse the surfeit of the Pisces emotional energy. Try these tactics. Or suggest a good nap together.