Venus Retrograde

Now let's look at Venus Retrograde. Every 18 months Venus retrogrades for about 40 days. At this time you will be asked to reexamine your relationships, especially the closest and most intimate. You will be surprised by how many times a day people will want to know that you love them. To avoid conflict, profess your love as often as you can. However, take heed not to lie. Venus in Scorpio can see right through deception and her wrath can be bloody indeed if she catches you being insincere. Since Mars is also transiting in Scorpio, he will serve as her knight executing her biddings. Spend as much time as you can in water, long baths with salt water can calm her down and maybe even put her bodyguard to rest.
During Venus retrograde it is not recommended to sign documents, forge partnerships, open a new business or take loans. However, refinancing could actually work well very well. Please avoid buying expensive products, but you are more than welcome to purchase second hands goods. It is also considered to be a great time to ask for forgiveness and resolve old grudges.
As for the midterm election: since it will take place during Venus retrograde and Via Combusta, expect the unexpected and throw away the polls, they will all be wrong. In addition, to be true to the energies I just described, even astrologers' predictions should not be taken too seriously since who knows on what side Venus will wake up November 2nd.
My only suggestion is to not be afraid to burn the old since a resurrection is sure to come. Remember, the planets are with you, and we are nothing but verses in an ancient epic cosmic poem.