Masters of Meditation: The 3 Temptations of Buddha and Christ

Are your temptations becoming harder and harder to overcome?

Is life becoming more overwhelming and stressful?

Discover how these two masters of meditation overcame their challenges and become one yourself.

500 hundred years apart and 5000 kilometers away, both spiritual teachers had to go through a similar series of temptations on their journey towards enlightenment. In this workshop we embark on a journey beyond space and time as Gahl recounts and compares the stories of Jesus and Buddha. We will uncover the techniques these masters of meditation used and explore how their story can help us overcome our own temptations.

The workshop will include a guided hypnotic meditation and answer these questions as well.

  • How did the Buddha attain Enlightenment?
  • What is the significance of having 3 temptations?
  • How can I improve my meditation techniques?

Deepen your meditation practice and find relaxation in your stressful life.