The Code: The blueprint to your destiny through the power of your NAME

Your name contains the DNA to your destiny.

Understanding and decoding your name enables you to access your full potential and helps you make crucial decisions.

Discover how to:

  • Analyze your name and discover how to activate its powers through meditation.
  • Uncover the power of branding and choose better names for your projects and businesses.
  • Find the optimal name for your future children and even your pets!
  • Find why your name’s meaning is the best one word description of your potential, challenges and goals.

The power of name is embedded in many traditions around the world, find out why during this informative and enlightening class. Your name is arguably the one single word that you hear, write, and speak the most in your life. Your given name, that single word that contains your identity, is viewed by many different mystical traditions as the core of the story you chose to tell in this lifetime.

It is time to uncover your hidden potential and become the best you can be.