The Economics of Cycles: Using Astrology to Enhance, Promote and Build Your Business

  • Why has every great king and ruler had an astrologer at the side?
  • Can the stars tell us something about our financial future?
  • Is there a rhythm to cycles of economics?

Just like astrology, business follows cycles!

Increasing numbers of businessmen and women all over the world are relying on understanding planetary cycles to better understand the rhythms of business. In today’s volatile market place, small and medium-sized businesses can use astrology to give them the edge they need to succeed and grow even in challenging times. Using astrology to plan your business activities can give you the tools you need to surpass the competition.

  • What is Mercury Retrograde and how does it affect signing documents?
  • How do Lunar Eclipses affect abundance?
  • Can Chart Compatibility help your relationships with co-workers, employees, and clients?
  • What significance do the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn have on business?

It is time to increase your profits through a better understanding of the universe.