The Magic of Myth: Unlock the Powers of Astrology Using World Mythology

  • Discover how to use ancient texts to interpret your own astrological chart.
  • Explore myths and tales from around the world and experience the wisdom that each text has to offer.
  • Master the art of channeling archetypes and empower your life.

This interactive, creative and entertaining workshop of Astrology and Storytelling will take you on a magical mystery tour around the zodiac, unfolding the myths and stories of each sign:

  • Aries: Exodus
  • Taurus: Siddhartha
  • Gemini: Adam and Eve
  • Cancer: Kuan Yin
  • Leo: Nietzsche’s Golden Child
  • Virgo: The Holy Virgin
  • Libra: The Beauty and the Beast
  • Scorpio: Lady Death
  • Sagittarius: Chiron
  • Capricorn: Lucifer and the Bogeyman
  • Aquarius: Sci-Fi
  • Pisces: Little Mermaid

You will not only broaden your understanding of the world , you will discover practical techniques on how to shape your destiny through the art of channeling and meditation.

Every student will receive their natal chart and will investigate how to use world mythology as a tool of liberation, inspiration, and enlightenment.

Free yourself by uncovering the links between your natal chart and ancient mythological texts.