Client Testimonials


Gahl's technologies are extremely practical and empowering. Now with the perspective of a few years, I am witness to the massive changes activated in my life. Gahl's work focused me on my heart, to trust my heart and speak its wish. Instead of a life of inevitability, I live in a world of possibility.
Tim Sexton
Oscar nominated screenwriter of Children of Men
The insight and wisdom that have improved the lives of his many clients and students are translated here into an approachable program for self-empowerment and realization.
Rabbi Karen Deitsch
I thank my lucky stars for Gahl Sasson; advisor, mentor and inspiration! I'm charmed by his elegant telling of the astrological story. And his accurate predictions astound.
Holiday Mathis
Syndicated Astrology column writer
His advice is always accurate meaningful and precise. He is a master story teller, and a true light warrior. I recommend this this book and his teachings to everyone who wants to better themselves, and to anyone whom considers themselves a student of life.
Noa Tishby
Co-Producer HBO’s In Treatment, and bestselling author
Gahl Sasson is a modern-day mystic and a very wise man. His Storytelling weaves Kabbalistic principles and ancient myths into a blueprint for making your dreams come true.
Arielle Ford
Bestselling Author
Gahl is a humorous, wise and highly spirited storyteller, and his message of unity among all religious traditions past present and future is one that we need to hear as often as possible.and to anyone whom considers themselves a student of life.
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa
Co-founder and director of Golden Bridge
A gifted and brilliant teacher, Mr. Sasson has had a profound effect on both my clients and myself. His workshop on the Tree of Life generated raves and gratitude even from my many clients who thought they had seen and heard it all.
Dr. Julian Neil
Psychoanalyst, yoga master and head of the NACD
Gahl's expansive knowledge of the inter-related nature of numerous forms of spirituality is truly refreshing, and indicative of humanity's gradual shift from the Piscean obsession with diversity into the Aquarian truth of a unified mankind.
Alexandra Kulwant
Founder, Living Light Productions
I personally regard him as having a favored connection with the energy of the life force available to this planet that shares it with selected individuals whose path is to pass on such guidance to those who are ready to receive it. To those who know him well, consider him enlightened.
Charlie Holbrook
Educational Psychologist
I always go to get my Gahl “fix.” As a practitioner of Kabbalah I am well aware of the importance of names and I was very reassured to learn before my first reading with Gahl, that the man who will read my stars is called Gahl Sasson.
Shoshana Terri
CA CEO of Shoshana Trading International
Sasson’s brand of astrology draws from Cabala and the tarot. A favorite of the film crowd.
W Magazine
Gahl helped to confirm my intuition and to give me the faith that I needed to proceed upon my path. His insight and his clarity were invaluable.
Betsy Stix
Teacher, Malibu CA
As a human being he is an example of a great spirit who is deeply grounded, it seems he is evenly balanced in both worlds. That is what makes him so authentic and believable. He is definitely an original in my eyes!
Nathalie Fino
Actress and Model
Gahl possesses an inquisitive mind, rare sense of knowing the person, encouraging advice and a vast knowledge of people, Life and universe. I am very grateful for everything I have discovered through your teaching Gahl! You have enriched my Life! Thank you!​
Alla Branzburg​
ahl Sasson has had two very successful book signings at the BodhiTree bookstore. Since we started carrying A Wish Can Change Your Life in September 2003, we have sold over 1000 books. Gahl is always professional and a pleasure to work with.
Jo Carey
Events Coordinator Bodhi Tree Bookstore
Gahl is a hip esoteric guru, who deftly uses his broad depth of knowledge to paint a beautiful picture that enables the layman to understand complex subjects such as mythology and Kabbalah.
Kelly Wood
Founder, Koruna Yoga
My wish for better income and abundance has manifested. I have had new and old clients calling to book appointments. It really works!
Luci Lane
Marketing Supervisor
The power of these weeks have moved me deeply. I was stuck for a long time and now have a deep sense of the next step on my path.
Lorraine Bates Noyes
Homemaker, Boston, MA
Gahl Sasson has been a terrific and important contributor to Olam, which is the largest circulation Kabbalah magazine in the world (over three million readers worldwide). His articles on the relevance of Kabbalistic and mythological symbolism in the modern world have generated a tremendous response
David Suissa
Editor of Olam CEO of Suissa Miller
A Wish Can Change Your Life" is a remarkable journey into the world of dreams, myths and legends. Gahl Sasson and Steve Weinstein translate ancient wisdom into practical information that can really transform readers' lives.
Uri Geller
World renowned spiritualist and author
I loved this book and recommend it to anyone. It is the best book that explains the "Tree of Life" .Everyone I recommend this book to loves it. I met the author of the book Gahl Sasson, he is an amazing person, a knows the subject matter like no other. You have to have this book in your collection.
J Brock
Detroit, MI
Gahl Sasson take the complicated task of living well and gives it grace, intelligence and purpose. You will be engaged and prepared for the year ahead and enchanted by the masterful storytelling of Gahl Sasson.
Laura Day
Bestselling author of The Circle and Practical Intuition
Luminous, brilliant and startlingly accurate, this book gives us an entirely new way to understanding astrology. it has the miraculous power to explain yourself to yourself. It is the essential guide to the self and the universe.
Margaret Cho
Comedian, fashion designer and actress
Whether you’re a seasoned student of astrology or an avid amateur like myself , you will discover a fountain of knowledge and insight in the pages of Gahl E. Sasson’s book. He dives deep into the science of astrology to educate, instruct and enlighten us.
Linda Woolverton
Screenwriter - Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent
I’ve had several readings with Gahl over the years and always look forward to his NY visits and lectures. Astrology is a magnificent tool and in my experience, no one is as intuitive and can articulate messages better than Gahl!
Nadya Yaghoubi
Real Estate Asset Manager and Entrepreneur
My first session with Gahl was so compelling and insightful that I have spoken to him every 9 months for many years now. He never fails to help me view my life path in a way that helps me move forward with integrity and success. I am so incredibly grateful for his wisdom. -- Claire Bidwell Smith, therapist and author.
Claire Bidwell Smith
Therapist and bestseller author
My obsession with Gahl Sasson’s readings and afterwards, newsletters and workshops, started way before he was so famous. We first met in Istanbul around 2010 and since then I am an avid follower. Because of Gahl, I started loving astrology.
Gaye Cevikel
Founder and Chief Creative Officer of GAIA&GINO
Gahl’s readings are excellent, FULL of information (thank god we get a recording!) and insightful from both a subtle and practical perspective. Whether you’re seeking specific or general guidance, or just want to give something like this a go, Gahl Sasson is the person to go to.
Yoga teacher and commodities broker
Gahl’s webinars following our meeting and can share that he is definitely the best storyteller I have seen presenting the info in very understandable, enchanting and funny manner that keeps your attention during the whole lection.
Mariana Germanova
Executive Assistant, Bulgaria
Gahl has a vast knowledge of mythology, tarot, astrology, numerology, and the mysteries of the tree of life. Thankfully , his methods of teaching are grounded in practical , relatable experiences
Katrina Knights
Caregiver Fredericksburg, VA
I follow Gahl’s social media and watch his online check up meetings. I appreciate very much his approach of explaining the big picture, which really helps me think and act strategically and astrologically. Japan is waiting for you Gahl ; ) The stars will lead us there.
Jenny Tung
I have attended both his private consultation as well as online group classes. I am learning a lot from him and have been inspired by his knowledge and on-point direction. I cannot wait to learn more.
Letao Wang
Spiritual Counsellor / Astrologer
Gahl helped me to complement a lot of insights and knowledge in a holistic way around Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah, Tarot, Synchronicities, and the true meanings of colors. I always found the clarity and guidance I was seeking when I attended his courses.
Miquel Sanagustin
Yoga instructor and lifelong learner
I thoroughly enjoyed Gahl’s “True Colors” webinar. He artfully presented the insightful information with thoughtfully selected examples from history and the art world. I look forward to taking more of his online classes.
Jan C
An insightful, practical set of classes that enabled me to start reading charts for my friend's and family. Even if you're not interested in reading for others, it is fun to learn more about the hows and whys of astrology for your own investigation.
Diane H
Chief Marketing Officer
Gahl’s weekly check-ins are one of the highlights of my week. He bridges current events and pop culture with the astrological forecast. I find myself thinking about ideas he discusses all throughout the week. He so generously offers his time for free every week to a worldwide community.
Kelly Fogel
Photographer Los Angeles
His writing is crystal clear. Gahl is a world-traveled historian and polyglot in addition to being an astrologer, and his I appreciate his history-informed, culturally acute, straightforward and humble astrology. His writing is concise and clear, his humor and intelligence shrine through, and his insight is startlingly accurate.
Kaley G
Outstanding in-depth analysis of 2021 from an astrologer with Encyclopedic knowledge This is an outstanding and well presented, in depth analysis of astrological aspects and transits which will be affecting 2021.
Gittel Gordon
Gahl's writing as well as his readings and classes are deeply insightful and a helpful tool for anyone interested in self development, learning about history, mythology and astrology as well as our individual and collective journeys. Warmly recommended.
Judith Martin
Graphic Designer and Musician
Every year Gahl Sasson puts out this great guide to living in the Universe and how to navigate your day to day journey in synchronicity with the cosmos. It's an easy to read, fun to read, beautifully applied and thrillingly accurate look towards what is to come in 2021 and how to use those events to your best advantage to remove obstacles wherever they may be on the personal or collective level to come out of the darkness and return to the Light.
Kathryn Herbert Ayurveda
Therapist and Horse Whisperer
Heartfelt Powerful Astrology to guide you through 2021 In his 2020 Astrology Book Gahl Sasson accurately predicted the global Covid 19 Pandemic in the Astrology of 2021 he guides you through the tricky but hopeful times ahead.
Belinda Casas
I have had many readings with Gahl in the past, who always does an amazing job and also regularly read his newsletters. I really enjoyed his book, which explains 2020 in depth for each sign. I highly recommend it for anyone who has interest in astrology.
Kim DelMonico
Influencer Marketing and Brand Consultant
Gahl is an amazing intuitive astrologer and shares his wisdom in this book. Be prepared. This book really does change your life!
Carole Avila
Life changing and an easy step-by-step process. What more could you ask for?! I plan to set up 10-week intentions throughout the year using both this book and Sasson's 2021 astrology book.
Ann Christensen
It works every time!!! Completely amazing. This book changed my life!!! I bought my condo, got the job i wanted, met my soulmate. I don’t know exactly how it works but it does!!
Nella Shapiro
Can't tell you how much insight I have gotten from the book and from the mediation cycles. If you want a closer connection to Spirit, and an increase in divine synchronicities, signs and guidance, this is the book for you.
Tanya Carroll Richardson
The book is a magical journey and should not be done alone. The miracles are so profound you will want someone doing it with you to share your discoveries. The story telling is wonderful and the activities are clear and insightful.
Julie Valentine
For those who already know something about Kabbalah this book offers bold and exciting new insights. And for those who are newcomers to the subject prepare yourself for an empowering and always entertaining journey through the Tree of Life.
Jason Wulfsohn
Director, Producer
A Wish Can Change Your Life is a beautiful and inspiring book filled with philosophy, marvelous stories about the creation of the universe and the meaning of life, and practical exercises that will enhance every area of your existence. I personally recommend it with all my heart. Me and the Dalai Lama. What more do you need?
Sarah Ritter
In their book Sasson and Weinstein write: "proceed down the tree..." (pg. 18) for me reading this book on the kabbalah's ten spheres was a journey all the way up to the treetop. This is a wonderful book to read, it is fun but also very practical for every-day life. It is very recommended!
Dr Miri Barak
Professor at Technion Institute and Oxford
A truly unique astrology book packed with valuable information. I received Cosmic Navigator as a gift and now that I've finished reading it I have to say it was a very valuable gift indeed. The author uniquely combines astrological theory with the mystical aspects of the Kabbalah to create a really fascinating book.
Jeff Maziarek
Author of Codi's Journey
The author is a well-traveled astrology teacher who weaves numerology, the Chinese zodiac, and mystical traditions into his work. Along with overall guidelines for the year, the author includes specific dates for initiating projects, the most significant aspects for each planet for the year, detailed forecasts for each zodiac sign (with particularly useful insights on eclipses), and much more
Mountain Astrologer Magazine
Gahl is not only most knowledgeable,but also the most generous spiritual leader. He shares his incredible wisdom with the world with humility and in simple terms, so we can all grasp it and grow with it.
Yvonne Buischi
DDS, PhD. Professor, Scholar of Dentistry, UTH San Antonio, TX
Gahl’s down-to-earth persona and charisma come through in his work, which makes it easy to learn from him. His newsletters are filled with insightful information that he freely shares because he is genuinely interested in the people he serves. My life has greatly benefited from seeking out Gahl’s guidance and his expertise in all things astrological.
Carole Avila
I tune in every Sunday for the Check Up and am so thankful to Gahl for hosting this. It gives me context to what is going on in the skies above us and helps to ease anxiety and see a way forward. I also get Gahl's book ever year, it is a necessity to get ready and look forward to the year ahead. Thank you Gahl for all the knowledge and inspiration you share daily, it gives hope!
Emily Churchill
Actress and Producer
Gahl provided me with an in depth outlook for my year ahead based on my birth chart. He is extremely knowledgeable and I found his take on astrology (mixed with Kabbalah wisdom) very practical, insightful and truthful.
Branding Consultant, Coach, Author
I have attended several of Gahl’s workshops and each one has been a profound learning experience. Whether it’s the knowledge that Gahl shares or the synchronicities that follow, my workshop takeaways are deeply satisfying.
Sara K
Technical Fabric Designer
Gahl has been offering readings and workshops at triyoga for over 12 years for which we and our students are grateful. He has tremendous knowledge and experience and his readings are clear, insightful and helpful at so many levels giving perspective and guidance
Jonathan Sattin
CEO + Founder Triyoga London
I really look forward to your weekly check ups on Sunday evenings here in the French Alps. They are always very informative, open-minded and unbiased yet principled, and love your sense of humour too! The connections between astrology, the Kabbalah, numerology and world events are fascinating.
Suzie Immediato
Gahl is more than a cosmic navigator. He is a cosmic master connector showing how events in the past relate to life today from so many aspects. He weaves the stars, planets, the above with ancient alphabets and other symbols, the below into the tapestry of life in which we live and from which we can learn about ourselves, others, governments. He reinforces that everything is connected to everything.
Renée Barnow
A Wish Can Change Your Life—the title says exactly what the book did for me. Each chapter contains a full measure, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing with wisdom. "A Wish" taught me to live in daily joyful sufficiency while watching for the synchronicities of life that unlock energies raining from heaven.
Laura L. Sanders
Gahl Sasson makes Kabbalah, astrology and psychology engaging, illuminating, and fun. The way he sees Kabbalah is accessible to anyone from any faith and background.

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