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The Astrology of 2023

Traversing the Bridge

Gahl's Appearances

To Book In-Person Readings Click: Istanbul (Dec 14 – 24) Tel Aviv (Dec 28 – Jan 11) Paris (Jan 16 – 22) London (Jan 16 – 22)


Every Sunday 10amPST The Cosmic Navigator Astrology Show. An astrological support group mixed with a magical tour to the heavens.

 In Person Event – Los Angeles. Sunday, Dec 4 5pm Lecture + Book Signing

Be part of the magic. Design your next year with The Astrology of 2023 – Traversing the Bridge. Time to plan the year ahead! New Year’s Resolutions, retrograde planets, the numerology of the year, major astrological trends, eclipses and their meanings. Come and get your GPS of the soul. Price includes a book! To register click HERE 

 In Person Event -Sofia Bulgaria

Dec 9 6:30pm Book signing and the Astrology of 2023 + Dec 11 10am Become a Mystic + Meditation Dec 11 4pm Register: HERE

Webinar and In-Person LONDON

Tuesday, Jan 17  7pm (recording available for zoom participants).Unitarian Church 112 Palace Gardens Terrace, Notting Hill W8 4RT Register: HERE

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Gain deep insight into your past, present, and future, and plan your life according to the art of Astrology, Past Life Regression, Kabbalah, and more.


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Dive deeper into Astrology, Kabbalah, mythology, and more to build the layers of your spiritual practice and help co-create your reality.

About Gahl Sasson

Gahl Sasson is an expert astrologer, storyteller, and teacher. With deep roots in the ancient art of Kabbalah, astrology, and psychology, Gahl helps interpret your past and design your future in illuminating and life-changing ways.

What People Are Saying

I believe that readers who are interested in the virtues of love, kindness, tolerance, and inner peace may find much in this book to encourage them.

His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama

Endorsement for A Wish Can Change Your Life

Gahl Sasson is a modern-day mystic and a very wise man. His Storytelling weaves Kabbalistic principles and ancient myths into a blueprint for making your dreams come true.

Arielle Ford

Best-Selling Author

My obsession with Gahl Sasson’s readings and afterwards, newsletters and workshops, started way before he was so famous. We first met in Istanbul around 2010 and since then I am an avid follower. Because of Gahl, I started loving astrology.

Gaye Cevikel

Founder and Chief Creative Officer of GAIA&GINO


Dive deeper into Astrology, Kabbalah, mythology, and more to empower you, mind, body, and soul

The Astrology of 2022

A Wish Can Change Your Life

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Gahl Sasson makes Kabbalah, astrology and psychology engaging, illuminating, and fun. The way he sees Kabbalah is accessible to anyone from any faith and background.

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