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Cosmic Navigator

Design Your Destiny With Astrology and Kabbalah

4.6 out of 5
  • What is the meaning of life?
    When will I find my soul mate?
  • What happens to me after I die?
  • Am I bound to my astrological fate or can I change it?
  • How do I get along with my Virgo boss?

Available on both Kindle and Paperback

About the book

Cosmic Navigator, a book that combines the ageless personality insights of Astrology with the deeper archetypal wisdom of Kabbalah, provides answers to these and many other questions. It affords readers the thrilling opportunity to learn why they are the way they are, and how each of us might use the potent tools supplied by these spiritual traditions to create purpose, serenity, and a life exactly as we’d like it.

Cosmic Navigator, written by nationally recognized author, astrologer and Kabbalistic authority Gahl Sasson, is an entirely new kind of astrology book. By marrying the famous constellations and planets to the mystical lore of Kabbalah, this refreshing approach pushes astrology beyond the two-dimensional chart on the page, beyond the realm of fortune-telling, psychological profiling, and love compatibility that comprise the focus of most other astrology books on the market. Kabbalistic interpretation adds a third dimension to the space and time structure of traditional astrology. It adds an exciting spiritual component that will enable any reader to tap into the collective energies of the astrological signs in order to carve out their own path or destiny. This thoroughly innovative approach to astrology unveils the keys that will allow anyone to access the hidden powers of the twelve signs and use those forces to build a better life.

Based on workshops developed and taught by Gahl Sasson over the past decade, Cosmic Navigator provides a stimulating and fun program of self-improvement that will enhance any and all areas of the reader’s life. Previous practitioners of the program outlined in this book have enjoyed growth in their leadership abilities, increased their financial and career prospects, enhanced intimacy with their family and friends, found their true love, became pregnant when doctors had ruled it an impossibility, and drastically improved their health. Readers of Cosmic Navigator can expect all of this and more.

The Wedding of Astrology and Kabbalah

While Kabbalah speaks in cosmic or universal terminology, Astrology is more local and focuses on the energies of our Solar System. Since we are part of the Solar System (Astrology) as well as the Universe (Kabbalah), it is vital to learn about these two doctrines simultaneously. It’s like having a camera with a zoom in and a zoom out lens. Like all navigators, the Cosmic Navigator starts the journey at the point of origin. That home base derives from Astrology—i.e. your natal astrological chart of planets, houses and signs that is cast according to the moment of your birth. Kabbalah and its mystical techniques: including myths, metaphors and meditations with Hebrew letters paves the path that all cosmic navigators use to attain their goals. For thousands of years, mostly in secret sects and lodges, Jews, Christians and Moslems have all taken advantage of Kabbalah’s system of spiritual empowerment to shape their destinies. Today, partly thanks to publicity from celebrities like Madonna, the clandestine mysteries of Kabbalah have been thrust into the mainstream. Kabbalah’s mystical rituals and lore are available now to everyone, helping all of us to cope with challenges and create better lives.

Astrology is personal. Each of us is a Leo or a Pisces with a Libra moon and a Taurus Rising. It provides every person an easy entrance into the numinous realm of Kabbalah, which offers more gravity, more spirituality, and greater possibility. Kabbalah’s mystical heritage and ritual meditations sketched out in this book light the way for anyone to rewrite his destiny, to surmount the confines of the astrological fate he was born with. For example, one woman who worked with the techniques described in Cosmic Navigator, found that her chart featured Saturn in the fifth house. She longed desperately to have a child, but Saturn in the fifth house traditionally binds that person to “no children.” A routine astrological interpretation would have counseled this woman to forget that dream and instead to relish her happy marriage or good fortune in the stock market. Disappointed and crushed at first, this woman nonetheless worked with the Kabbalistic meditations and exercises prescribed in this book and she soon received a stunning insight. She would expand her idea of having children. She would transcend the dictates of her chart and adopt a child that she’d love as her own. That affirmative act transformed her life with the many blessings this child brought to her home, her marriage and her disposition. And it also seemed to transform her astrological lot. Five years later—to the amazement of her doctor, if not her astrologer—she got pregnant and had a child. A few years after that, she gave birth to her third child.

Wedded to a magical tradition of hands-on spiritual virility like Kabbalah, Astrology becomes far richer. It moves from just a psychological game that tells Scorpio’s that they are obsessed with sex to a comprehensive spiritual system that resonates with the powerful idea that Scorpio is an archetype, an energy vessel that contains subjects such as life after death, sexuality, intimacy and transformation. Mercury transforms from a devilish nuisance for travel and computer snafus when it turns retrograde to a beloved messenger to the divine that brings us—when we pay attention—marvelous synchronicities and inspirations that literally can change our lives. After years of teaching both Kabbalah and Astrology and interpreting dozens of astrological charts each week in private consultations, Gahl Sasson has discovered indisputably that Kabbalah fused with Astrology can empower our lives in a way that traditional astrology cannot. Cosmic Navigator is the first book that brings the limitless potentiality of this hybrid to the general public.

The Astrology of Becoming – How this Book Works

The innovation of Sasson’s approach to astrology allows the reader to use the powerful archetypes of the Zodiac as allies in a program of self-improvement. The cosmic navigator pursues this journey by focusing not just on his or her own sun and rising sign, but by personifying and thus becoming every sign in the zodiac. Each of us—whether we identify ourselves as a Sagittarius, Cancer or Capricorn—have all of the signs somewhere within our astrological chart. This book teaches us to recognize the wondrous complexity of our astrological constitution and provides the methodology for activating all the hidden powers of our potential.

The reader does that by dedicating one week to each of the twelve signs. The book devotes one chapter to each of these signs—detailing Sasson’s mystical and deeply psychological analysis of that particular archetype through myths, real world or historical examples and traditional descriptions of both the positive and negative characteristics of each sign. The book asks the readers to incarnate as each sign for one week. Like a method actor who thoroughly immerses himself into the character of a Mafia boss or the Queen of England, the reader will place himself into an Aires-state of mind, for example, a person of action, decisiveness and adventure. The following week, the reader moves forward to Taurus and become an unapologetic sensualist fascinated by food, art, money and their own particular talents. Each chapter includes a list of traits and symbols associated with that particular sign and the reader will use these characteristics to invoke and then magnify the power of that particular archetype everywhere he or she goes.

For twelve weeks, each cosmic navigator will embark on a revitalizing spiritual training regimen, tapping the latent potential of each archetype that lies within each one of us. The first week, the Aires week, the reader will become an Aires in order awaken the warrior within and enhance one’s leadership abilities and assertiveness. The chapter on Libra, on the other hand, tones the spiritual muscle that attracts the best romantic partner and other types of personal relationships. Scorpio will stimulate intimacy, sexuality and transformation, while Capricorn will help attain career success. In this way, over the course of 12-weeks, the reader invigorate every single facet of your life, opening doors to success in money, love, health and family. This journey will reveal talents and opportunities the reader never knew existed in them. And perhaps most importantly, it will energize and rejuvenate all of the archetypes that comprise each one of us, bringing them into harmony and eliciting a profound sense of purpose, serenity and joy.
In addition, Cosmic Navigator personalizes this 12-week journey by teaching the reader how to interpret their own astrological chart like a pro. Everyone has each sign in a particular house of the Zodiac. If the reader discovers that Aires presides over her house of career, for example, then, during the week dedicated to Aires, she will not only learn about the archetype of Aires in general, but she will also be guided to direct the Aires traits and tendencies toward advancing her career. The reader will be instructed, for example, to look for leadership opportunities at the office and to jump like an impulsive Aires at the chance to grab them.

Each chapter also features Kabbalistic talisman and techniques that will amplify the particular energy of the archetype that is being studied. For thousands of years, Kabbalists have associated a particular Hebrew letter with each of the Zodiac signs. Specially designed mediations on the appropriate Hebrew letter will embed the reader more firmly in the territory of the sign as well as trigger insights on how and where to use the energy of that archetype within their daily existence.

The cosmic navigator also will be shown how to surf the currents of the archetypes by paying attention to synchronicities. Each Zodiac sign is represented by a bank of symbols that include particular animals, colors, planets, personality traits, Tarot cards, famous people born under the sign, parts of the body, health implications, and all sorts of physical objects like water or arrows or doors. Encounters with these symbols out in the world will serve as signposts and clues about what to do, where to go, and how to think in order to make the most of the week’s particular archetype. Paying attention to these signs and symbols turns astrology—and life—into a magical game. And many of Sasson’s students have reported that the chief benefit of this program is not only the blossoming of new career prospects that arose as a result of the twelve-week practice, but the opening of themselves to the wizardry of synchronicity.

In addition to enriching every area of the reader’s life, studying and becoming the signs of Zodiac automatically teaches compassion—both toward oneself and to all other people. The effort to embody the characteristics of all the signs will prompt the reader to experience first hand both the positive and negative traits of that sign. Playacting the ram, crab, goat, lion, centaur and water-bearer inevitably leads to the construction of an understanding of why certain people are the way they are. For example, in the week of Aries the reader will discover why Aries talk about themselves all the time in part because the readers will probably spend the week talking profusely about themselves. The reader will learn why it is dangerous to ask a favor of a Taurus when he’s hungry; why the Gemini tells little fibs; why Cancer’s make you feel guilty, Leo’s demand so much attention, and why Virgo’s are so critical that they even criticize criticism; why Libra’s cannot make up their mind, the Scorpio keeps so many secrets, the Sagittarius can’t sit still and why the Capricorn will sell her mother for a discount; why the Aquarius behaves as if he just returned from an alien abduction and why the Pisces is always late.

Stepping into the shoes of someone else, in this case someone else’s Zodiac sign, is a sacred technique of both Kabbalists and Buddhists. It fosters compassion for their plight. It breeds understanding and forgiveness. The simple act of becoming each of these twelve signs and the compassion and forgiveness that it will ensue can’t help but upgrade the reader’s relationship with everyone they know. And understanding the darker side of one’s own sign, coupled with the knowledge that one can go beyond the predicaments of the birth chart, inevitably will generate more acceptance of one’s own self too.

The book’s format is easy to follow and integrates stimulating academic information with original interactive techniques that will arm readers with the tools needed to find answers to their own spiritual questions and quandaries and to improve their well-being. It follows directly in the popular footsteps of Gahl’s last book A Wish Can Change Your Life (Simon & Schuster, 2003). While the first book emphasized the creative powers of Kabbalah to enrich anyone’s life, Cosmic Navigator stirs in a more personalized astrological component that many enthusiastic readers of Sasson’s work have specifically requested.

Gahl Sasson makes Kabbalah, astrology and psychology engaging, illuminating, and fun. The way he sees Kabbalah is accessible to anyone from any faith and background.



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