Learn to Read your Astrology Chart

Yes! you can learn to speak Astrology…

Join intellectual towers the like of Kepler, Newton, Copernicus, Churchill, de Gaulle, Augustus and use astrology to understand yourself, friends, family and current events. Improve your life and uncover the powers of your own personal road map to understanding the universe and your place in it.

This 5 meetings workshop introduces the zodiacal alphabet which will allow you to read your chart as well as others.
No prior knowledge of astrology is needed.

What Is Your Astrological DNA?

  • Ever wonder what your rising sign or your moon sign you have and what they might mean?
  • What planets are influencing your career, relationships, and health?
  • Want to learn how to transform your astrological fate into the reality of your dreams?

Every participant receive a link to download their natal chart.

Kabbalah & the Tree of Life: Follow God's Blueprint to Create Your Own Miracles

According to Kabbalah, God used the ten spheres of the Tree of Life as a blueprint to create the universe. By following this same blueprint, you too can create miracles in your own life. This in-depth workshop will aquatint you with this ancient spiritual technology and teach you how to apply it in your everyday life.

The Ten Spheres include:

  • Crown – The Will of God, the One, and the Beginning
  • Wisdom – Intuition, Inspiration, and the Father
  • Understanding – The Goddess Principle, Discipline, Time and Space
  • Mercy – Compassion, Expansion, Forgiveness, and Unconditional Love
  • Severity – Energy, Strength, Decisiveness, and Judgment
  • Beauty – Creativity, Balance, and Sacrifice
  • Eternity – Mother Nature and Relationships
  • Splendor – Communication and Magic
  • Foundation – Sexuality, Death and Transformation
  • Kingdom – The Material World, Experiencing Life and Receiving Gifts

Connect to the ten archetypes of the Tree of Life and foster spiritual, emotional, and material growth using comparative mysticism, guided meditations, and astrology.

Now it is your turn to create miracles.

Tarot – The Graphic Novel of your Soul

Is the Tarot fortune telling tool?

Why are there so many symbols in the Tarot?

Why is the Joker not allowed in so many card games?

Why did the church excommunicate the cards?

Yes, you can learn to read the Tarot and become a guide to yourself and others. This workshop is designed for people who want to connect to their subconscious and dream world. People who wish to help themselves so they could help others. This intensive workshop will give you the ability to read the cards for yourself and others.

Working with the Tarot helps you understand and communicate with the Universe as well as your higher self. This workshop is a combination of entertaining stories and deep meditations.

Learning how to reads the cards will help you interpret your dreams, infuse your meditations with vivid imagery and help you make sense of synchronicities.

  • Short history of the Tarot
  • The Major and Minor Arcana
  • Alchemy, Astrology and Kabbalah in the Tarot
  • Unique spreads
Gahl Sasson makes Kabbalah, astrology and psychology engaging, illuminating, and fun. The way he sees Kabbalah is accessible to anyone from any faith and background.

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