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The Astrology of 2022

A Sacrifice for Love

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Prepare for and plan the next 12 months with this essential astrological guide written by The Cosmic Navigator, Gahl E. Sasson, it combines Kabbalah, Astrology, Psychology, Tarot, and Mythology.

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About the book

Prepare for and plan the next 12 months with this essential astrological guide written by The Cosmic Navigator, Gahl E. Sasson, it combines Kabbalah, Astrology, Numerology, History, Psychology, Tarot, and Mythology. The first part of the book provides an outlook of the year 2022 while the second part details the astrological trends for each zodiac sign. What days are good for finance? Which dates are auspicious for love and relationships? When should you pay attention to your health? When does Mercury retrograde? When are the eclipses and what do they mean for each sign? Why is 2022 associated in numerology with the number 6 and why does it denote a sacrifice for love? How is Ouroboros connected to the year ahead? Get your guide to the stars to help you effortlessly navigate the astrology of 2022. This book can help you navigate the forthcoming year.


Gahl Sasson take the complicated task of living well and gives it grace, intelligence and purpose. You will be engaged and prepared for the year ahead and enchanted by the masterful storytelling of Gahl Sasson. For those who live by the planets, this book is full of detailed navigation and powerful advice. For those who just want to know how to do their best, this reads like a book of mythology with grounded, practical advice.

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Bestselling author of The Circle and Practical Intuition

A letter from Gahl

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for the roaring twenties of the 21st century! Just as the howling 20s of the 20th century emerged out of the Spanish flu pandemic, so are we destined to experience a cultural revival in the arts, literature, and science in the next few years. Last century’s 20s brought us jazz, fi lms, automobiles, quantum physics, spiritual awakening (including the concept of synchronicity), telephones, and radio. Over the next few years, we will experience a similar surge of innovation most likely in the fields of Artificial Intelligence (especially when Uranus transits into binary Gemini in 2026), quantum computing (when Pluto moves into Aquarius in 2024), new forms of entertainment and a revolution in music and philosophy.

Rejoice! It’s indeed an exciting time to be alive and witness all these historical life-altering changes. However, for all these wonderful things to take place, humanity must offer a sacrifice, an act of selfl essness, an offering for the greater good, and this is precisely the underlying theme of the year 2022. In numerology, this year is symbolized by the number 6, denoting sacrifice but also love. In the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the 6th sphere is called Beauty and is associated with the heart (the center of the Tree of Life) and therefore of creation (the Axis Mundi). In the Yogic tradition, this concept is expressed through Anahata (unbeaten), the heart chakra, symbolized by the six-pointed star snuggled inside the twelve-petaled lotus. As you can see, the mystical traditions of the East and West agree: 2022 is a heart-opening year.

2022 is neither a good year nor a bad one; it is a year when Free Will rules. Once each one of us understands what her or his sacrifice is, it will be down to our personal choices to determine our fate. The lunar nodes, the keepers of destiny and Karma, are shifting gears and for the next year and a half transit in Taurus and Scorpio, helping us reconnect to our values and hidden talents, as well as providing us with tools to improve our fi nances and self-worth. With all these 2s in ‘2022’, the year promises to present us with many crossroads and dualities, as well as opportunities to integrate oppositions in our lives.

2022 is neither black nor white, feminine nor white, spiritual nor mundane; it is all of the above. In other words, it is a fuzzy year, a year that favors the different shades of gray. If we return to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, this concept is reinforced by the fact that the 2nd sphere in the Tree of Life is the gray-colored sphere of Wisdom: Sofi a. In Kabbalistic terminology 2022 is both beautiful and wise. In addition, 2022 in the Chinese zodiac is dubbed the Year of the Water Tiger. The Tiger is masculine, while this year’s element is the ultra-feminine water.

Perhaps the most intriguing of these integrated dualities is brought about by Jupiter’s transit between Aries (the fi rst sign) and Pisces (the last sign). This sewing of the end and the beginning by the benevolent Jupiter reminds me of one of the most beautiful and wise stanzas of the oldest Kabbalistic manuscripts, The Book of Creation; referring to the spheres in the Tree of Life, it says: “Their end is embedded in their beginning and their beginning in their end.” This idea of eternity is also found in one of the oldest symbols of alchemy, the Ouroboros, first appearing on the tomb of Tutankhamun (13th century BCE), the serpent (or dragon) biting its own tail. 2022’s association with the Ouroboros is indeed auspicious as it reminds us that in 2022 we can get things done, close deals, solve old issues, heal past wounds and start anew. This point is further supported by the fact that the year starts with Venus retrograde, and ends with Mars, her celestial love, retrograde. 

The Mercury retrogrades this year start in air signs (Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra) and end their retreat into earth signs (Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo). Mercury, the zodiac Loki (the trickster and messenger) is helping us connect the above (air signs) and below (earth signs), grounding ideas, concepts, and visions. Mercury wishes us to move from the potential to the actual, reminding us of another beautiful and wise alchemical axiom: As Above, So Below.

The information in Part II relating to the specific signs should be read for your Sun sign as well as your rising sign.  I hope we meet in person or in dreams during 2022, and I am optimistic we will be able to hug and shake hands soon IF we all make the right choices and SACRIFICE some of our freedoms for the general good of humanity.

I wish for you in 2022 to experience countless synchronicities, magical moments of illumination, prosperity, health, love, and lots of endings that lead to wonderful new beginnings. And more than anything, a beautiful and wise year. 

– Gahl
The City of Angels, California, America, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way, Universe—July 2021

Signs in 2021


Aries brothers and sisters, in 2022 you are continuing your journey of discovering your tribe, community, and clan. This year is all about the people you attract and attracted to. Your followers (you are the shepherded after all), your clients, colleagues, and whomever is lucky enough to be part of your fascinating life. Aries, the signs whose key word is “I Am,” are famous for enjoying their time alone. Yes, we all know you need your space and prefer to be walk a few feet ahead of us. However, in 2022 you need your gang, a troupe, brothers-and-sisters-in-arms.

2022 boasts so many 2s, you too have to find your counterpart, your other half, in your personal and/or your professional life. If you already have one, then your job is to make new friends as a couple or make an effort to befriend more of your partner’s friends. Saturn, the Lord Karma, the provider of understanding, is continuing his transit in the house of friends, people, and government. This placement of Saturn forces you to define and reassess all of your friendships, affiliations with companies, groups, corporations, and how you deal with government and large institutions. It is recommended to socialize and get to know older and mature individuals as they can channel the lessons you need to learn from Saturn much better. You might reconnect with someone you had a falling with in the past, or someone you knew a long time ago, maybe even from a previous life. And yes, Saturn might kick a few friends out of your life or expose some in your circle of friends that are not worthy of being there. Go back to 1991–1993 and see in what way events in those years relates to whatever is happening now in your social life. Saturn might also want to give you a glimpse at your future and ask you to define where you see yourself in five or ten years. Saturn is now in your house of manifestation, so it is crucial you tell him what you want, what you aspire to, what are your wishes.

There is some very good news waiting for you in 2022! Jupiter, the planet of luck and opportunities is transiting into your sign from May 11 until October 27 and then again from December 20, 2022 to May 16, 2023. If you are born between March 21–March 30 you are getting an extra boost since Jupiter transits over your Sun making you feel invincible. When Jupiter blesses your sign, you are bombarded with opportunities (not all of which you must pursue), experience many doors opening, and synchronicities. You feel you can conquer the world. Go back to 2010–2011 and 1998–1999, these were the last times Jupiter transited through your sign, bringing your redness to shine like a ruby.

2022 is a great time to rebrand yourself, change course in life, reconnect to your body, and improve the way you look at yourself as well as life in general. The drawback of hosting Jupiter is overoptimism, inflation of the ego, aggressiveness, and being somewhat even more impetuous than your usual Aries self. Since Jupiter is now in your house of your body, make sure you start a new exercise regimen or maybe a new physical activity, so that you give your muscles as well as muscle memory a chance to grow instead of Jupiter inflating your body which could cause you to gain weight.


In 2020, Saturn, The Lord Karma, made his first appearance in your house of career (March–July) right at the onset of the pandemic lockdowns, forcing you to look into your professional life and decide on the next chapter of your career. The trend continued throughout 2021 and remains so in 2022. By now you should already know the necessary changes you need to implement in order to set your career on the right track for the next 30 years. You should look into whatever was going on in your life 1991–1993, there might be a great deal of correlation between events in those years and your career life right now. Even if you were young, perhaps a hobby or an extra curriculum had some influence over your chosen path. When Saturn transits in the house of career he can help you manifest your goals as long as you are disciplined and have long-term plans ready to execute. You have a strong need to assert yourself and prove your skeptics wrong.

There could be a challenge coming from a boss or a superior, but it could be just a test or a trial to see if you are worthy of promotion. Stay your course and by the end of the year you should reap some of the benefits of the hard work you have been pouring into your professional life. If you are not happy about the course of your career, this year is a great time to make a change, especially since Uranus, the revolutionary, is in your sign.

Speaking of Uranus, since May 2018 you have been hosting the Fool, and he has been busy awakening every aspect of your life. This happens every 84 years and it is not easy for you, as a fixed earth sign, to experience the volatility and unpredictability associated with this celestial rebel. That being said, you are feeling rejuvenated by having such an exciting planet in your domain. Uranus can help you find freedom within a new identity, a new body, or a new brand. Uranus in your first house can cause accidents and unexpected injuries, but he also adds a spark, charisma, and excitement to your personality and how you view the world. It is as if you are in a racecar being driven by a mad yet highly cable professional driver.

Freedom is a key word for you at least until 2026 when Uranus finally gets bored with you and moves into Gemini. If you are born between May 1–10 you are affected by Uranus’ transit over your Sun. You might experience the Uranus awakening more strongly, with life feeling like a roller-coaster or a nail-biting binged show with lots of twists and turns in the plot. Since Uranus is traveling in the second decan of Taurus he brings innovation in functional art, meaning artwork that is not only decorative but also serves a purpose. It is also a good time to work or invest in the service sector, especially if it is innovative, digital, or futuristic. Laughter, humor, and originality is what you have to think about in order to be successful in all aspects of your life. But do watch out for injuries or taking unnecessary risks. Since Uranus and Saturn are squaring, there could be conflict (especially in September–October) between your personality or body and the demands of your career. Take time off and be careful of burnouts.


Gemini, you have been riding the Dragon since June 2020 and we thank you for your service and skillful navigation. During this period, you showed us how to stick to the facts, communicate, write, and build bridges. Relationships of all sorts have not been an easy ride for your clan in the last year and a half, since the Tail of the Dragon was asking you to let go of partners that were not compatible or reciprocal. From the end of 2021, you had to vacate the saddle of the North Node and help Taurus straddle the Head of the Dragon. Riding the Head of the Dragon gave you moments of success and recognition—as well as the fl ow of good Karma, but enough is enough (and we all know you guys get bored fast). There is a need for change. The North Node in the next year and a half will be transiting in your house of past lifetimes, isolation, and letting go. This means that luck, fortune, and gifts from past lives are given to you whenever you let go, cut away from old patterns, and go deep into your mystical side. A time to be quieter, talk less and listen more—receiving rather than broadcasting information or data. This is a year to start meditating daily. You will see miracles happen if you commit to some sort of mystical activity or state of mind.

Since 2020, Saturn, the Lord Karma, has been transiting in your house of higher education, truth, mass media, publishing, and foreign cultures. Saturn was helping you fi x and rectify those aspects of your life. It wasn’t always easy, but if you showed discipline and persistence, in 2021 Jupiter probably gave you some gifts that helped you become a better communicator, teacher and consultant. Since the Tail of the Dragon in 2022 is in your sixth house, it asks you to go through a cleanse, a detox, maybe replace or fi re some of your employees, as well as spend more time alone and be less enslaved to work or routine. Saturn’s transit in your house of education in 2022 can provide opportunities to expand your education, learn a new language, let go of false philosophies and reconnect to your true creed—what you believe in. After all, Geminis are the grand communicators and as such you need to make sure you know your message and stand firmly behind it. This transit of Saturn can also place a focus on your in-laws, as well as foreigners. This is a good year to travel to a country or a part in the world you never visited before. Remember, Saturn in the house of Truth demands the Truth, the whole of it, and nothing but it. Be real! And walk the talk. 

The biggest transit this year is Mars, the god of war, marching forward and backward in your sign, from August until March of 2023! This means you have to be mindful of your body and careful of injuries. In addition, Mars’ transit in your sign can create mental health problems, lung disease, arm injuries, as well as conflicts stemming from what you write or say. Be extra careful when Mars retrogrades (October 30, 2022–January 13, 2023), that’s the time you are most prone to accidents, speeding, and snapping at people. Moreover, your words may be taken out of context and create discord and disputes. TROLLS!!! It might feel like everyone is picking a fight with you, so stay cool, and do what you do best: stay above the fray.


A lot has been going on for you, Cancer. In 2019 and 2020 the North Node was in your sign, reminding us of the importance of healthcare workers (belonging to your nurturing sign), homeschooling (you are the sign of home and family), and working remotely from the home office. In addition, Saturn has been transiting in your house of death and transformation since the beginning of the lockdowns (March 2020), and we were all forced to withdraw into our shells, like you do so often. Saturn continues his journey in the house of death and transformation for the rest of the year, but fear not, in 2023 you will be freed from having to host the Angel of Death. You have been shedding like a tree in autumn, letting go of things: relationships, attitudes and behaviors that kept you away from your true self, and other forms of blocks and inhibitions.

In 2022, especially in the last six months, you will be able to tap into gifts and skills from past lifetimes as well as complete your energetic cleanse. However, there could still be some tension between your need to let go of things that block you and your community, friends, or companies you work with, especially around September and October when Saturn Uranus square will be the strongest. This could manifest as an end of your relationship with a certain company or corporation, a breakup from a friend, or maybe an awkward situation with someone you blur the line between platonic or romantic. Since the Moon is your ruler, the eclipses are always a very significant time of the year for you, a period when your emotions swing up and down and events move much faster.

The end of April and May, as well as end of October and November might feel like a roller- coaster. The eclipses can help you quicken processes that relate to friendships, government, corporations, and communities. The next eighteen months are a great time for making new friends, joining new groups of likeminded people, and connecting to new companies.

In 2022 you find yourself open to creating and joining new communities. However, you are asked to let go of smothering or overprotecting your children or creative projects, as this might interfere with your attempts to open to new people and opportunities in life. In the case of parenting, you must learn how to give your kids space to grow. If you are “parenting” creative projects you might have to kill some your “babies,” abandon some creations or let them grow on their own. The Head of the Dragon is flying you toward your friends and away from your need to fall in love. This aspect favors friendships over romantic escapades. Beginning April 15, it falls upon you to host Black Moon Lilith for the rest of the year, and yes, that is as bad as it sounds. The last time it happened was August 2003–April 2004 and June 2013 until March 2014. Since you are a moon child, the Black Moon has a special connection to you. She represents the evil stepmom, the wicked aunt, the vile mother-in-law, the critical unaccepting grandma. You get it. Imagine now that you have to host one of these women for 9 whole months. But who am I kidding, if there is a sign that knows how to suffer quietly it is Cancer. This transit can cause you to doubt yourself, have body image issues, and deal with people who insist seeing the worst in you. But in many ways, it can help you get rid of people around you that are vampires or parasites who drain you and replace them with the new friends that the Dragon is bringing into your life. See it as a spiritual change of guard that can only make you stronger.


Hello to the pride of lions and lionesses whose will must be done! You know all too well the power of love and the sacrifice needed to achieve an open heart. Remember Aslan (lion in Turkish), and how he sacrificed himself for Narnia? Well, there is a kernel of truth in every myth. This year you are experiencing it very strongly since Saturn, the rectifier and fixer, is doing some construction work in your house of relationships and partnerships. That basically includes all your significant others, partners in work and life, or any other contractual relationships. By the way, that also includes your enemies and whoever dares to defy you. This means that you are scrutinizing and scanning all those that move your heart in order to see if they are worthy of your company.

In addition to Saturn, you also have a Mercury retrograde taking place in your house of relationships that could bring an ex back into your life (January 13–January 25). In 2022 you have an interesting combination going on. Jupiter, as you will soon find out, is blessing your house of intimacy, tantra, and sexuality, while Saturn is plowing through your house of relationships. This means that 2022 plans to awaken your heart with all its 2’s (relationships) and the numerology of 6 (heart, the organ associated with Leo). Be ready for some intensity! The Uranus and Saturn square that haunted our lives in 2021 will continue in 2022 and peaks around September–October. In your case, the challenges stem from the house of career and relationships. As you can see, partners and significant others are featured prominently this year. Perhaps a problem with a partner in career, or a superior. Your partner in life or work could be causing challenges in your career, or not seeing eye to eye with you about the trajectory of shared projects.

Uranus was traveling in your house of career since 2018 and will continue until 2026. This is a period, once in 84 years, when you can revolutionize your professional life but at the same time experience a great deal of ups and downs. It is important to think outside of the box and take calculated risks, work with younger people, and implement technologies and new ways of doing things. However, Saturn who is occupying your house of relationship, is being super traditional and is resisting change and revolutions. Why fix things if they are not broken? Saturn would muse. You can expect a need to jump into something new in your career, but your partner in life or work might resist.

Jupiter spends January–May as well as October–December in your house of sexuality, investments, productions, death, and magic; May to October Jupiter transits in your house of traveling and education; What a wonderful sandwich. When Jupiter is in your house of sexuality, you could receive a bequest, inheritance, as well as a good yield on your investments. Jupiter may make you feel a need to be more isolated and seek intimacy and closeness of heart, rather than big events and parties. It is also a time for letting go, allowing the dead to be buried, and await a resurrection. Expect a great deal of intensity—don’t be afraid of your power like the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. The key word now is TRANSFORMATION. Remember, any symbolic death happening in your life in 2022 brings about a great boon. So don’t hold on to things too tightly. Like the tree, let the dead leaves fall.


It is a curious thing that only you and your opposite sign, Pisces, are being trained by Saturn in 2022 to rectify, fi x, and develop the very aspects of life that you are assigned to from birth. It is as if you are a crown prince or princess and are groomed to become a Super-Virgo. Okay, what do I mean? Saturn, the Lord Karma, is in your house of work, service, health, diet, and routine. Guess what? These are the qualities assigned to you to protect and develop as a Virgo. You are Mary Poppins, or the engineer, the one that keeps the machine called life working. If life is indeed some sort of a simulation, a virtual matrix, then you are the programmer and the anti-virus shield. If life was created by God in 6 days (plus one for paid vacation) then you are the monk and nun whose prayers lubricate creation. If evolution made life possible on earth, then you are the gardener and the scientist that actually came up with the theory. While you are the humblest of the signs, your role is anything but meek. In 2022 you are continuing your search for the best way to serve humanity. Saturn can help set you on the right path to achieve your full potential in work and connect you to your life’s mission.

The square between Saturn and Uranus, which is peaking around September–October might create some tension between your inner truth, philosophies, and education and your health, work, or service. Perhaps you are asked in your work to do something that is in conflict with your creed. Remember how I asked you to look into your mission statement in the introduction? This is why it is so important in 2022. In addition, if you travel, take extra care of your health and diet. Until April 15, the Black Moon Lilith continues squaring you off and causing discord and conflict—mostly with women in your career. This has been going on from the second part of 2021: jealousy, manipulations, strife or simply being misunderstood. You might be the subject of a smear campaign, so avoid gossip at all costs. After April 15 it gets easier, but the negativity that follows Lilith moves into your house of friendships. Be careful who you bring into your close circle of friends.

Mars, the planet of war and energy is transiting for six months in Gemini, the sign that squares with you. This can be a bit uncomfortable and can cause some challenges with bosses and superiors, especially when he retrogrades (October 30–January 13, 2023). However, Mars can also initiate a new business, make you take a leap of faith and declare yourself self-employed, or even generate a promotion if you find your career to be congruent with your mission in life. This could be a good time to start your own business.

Now for some good news. Jupiter transits in Pisces, your opposite sign, from January–May and from October–December. That’s not too bad, as Virgo and Pisces hold space for each other. This is your time to find a significant other, a partner in work or in life, someone to help you find and achieve your mission impossible. In short, someone to stride by your side. If you are in a partnership already, Jupiter can help you heal the relationship and take it to the next level. Since Jupiter is in your opposite sign it can cause smothering or overdoing in all aspects of your life. Less is more! Also, Jupiter can help protect you against enemies and aid with any lawsuits or dealing with competition. The key word is BALANCE.


The year starts with Venus, your planet, retrograding in Capricorn, which is your squaring sign. That can cause some discomfort in relationships and some challenges with figures of authority and/or bosses. Stay cool: it gets easier after Mercury goes direct on February 3. Since the beginning of the lockdowns of 2020, Saturn has been occupying your house of love, happiness, and children, and these aspects of life have been the center of your attention. Some of you became parents, or added another child to the tribe, while others had a hard time conceiving. Some Libras fell in love—and also fell out of love, just as quickly. But most scale-bound Libras felt a shift in their creativity and happiness. While last year helped elevate your mood a bit, 2022 should give you all a big boost forward. Saturn is not done with you yet, but usually in the last leg of the Lord Karma’s rectification of your house of love and children you get the benefits of all that discipline, persistence and focus that you invested in the previous two years. After all, your sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, and Saturn is doing the best he can to connect you to the love you deserve. Saturn is also linking you to your inner child, and to your wonderland—the creative space where magic is possible.

The year kicked off with Venus retrograding in your house of family and home and ends with Venus going direct in the same house. You are sandwiched by family members and the need for security. Since you are the official sign of relationships, this could be your year to reconnect to familial love or a romantic love that makes you feel at home or any relationships that can help you balance yourself (as well as people around you). The Saturn–Uranus square that was dominant in 2021 continues this year, creating tension between your house of love and children and the house of death and transformation. Maybe you worry too much about your kids, perhaps a death in the family dampens your optimism and happiness. This square is especially strong in 2022 around your birthday (September–October).

Beginning Apr 15, Black Moon Lilith causes mischief your house of career, so take extra care since there could be some antagonism coming from colleagues in your professional life, or from bosses. There seem to be people who are jealous of your happiness and love. The best remedy is to surround them with love in your meditations and to practice forgiveness. The eclipses this year are shifting gears. Since June 2020 the eclipses were taking place in your house of communication, business, learning, travel, and higher education, where they were quickening processes that relate to these aspects of life.

In 2022, the North Node, Head of the Dragon, is moving into your house of passion, sexuality, death, and resurrection. Don’t worry, it sounds worse than it really is. The North Node can help you find your passion: what drives you and moves your heart. This can help you find the love you need or the direction in life you wish to follow. Love, creativity, passion, intimacy– all these are your gifts and responsibilities in 2022. This is a great year to study some form of healing. Dive deeper into esoteric studies, shamanism, or any other subject that can help you transform yourself and others. There could be some inheritance or bequest (physical or metaphysical) coming your way, as well as a way to shed whatever blocks you, or prevents you from being true to yourself.


Since March of 2020, right when the lockdowns started, forcing humanity to stay at home, Saturn, the Lord Karma, moved into your house of home and family. This is super interesting, symbolically speaking, since the Tarot card for your sign is Death, and indeed when death struck the planet, everyone locked themselves in their home, just as your sign commanded. Last time Saturn was in your house of home and family was 1991-1993 so it is a good idea to see what took place in your life at that time and draw parallels. This can help you understand what Saturn would like to teach you in the year ahead. In 2022, Saturn continues his intense teaching on the subjects of home, family, and how you process and deal with your emotions. Saturn shows you how to be a better parent, grandparent, spouse, son, or daughter. Saturn can also break down homes in order to rebuild them, make you change location, or deal with buried issues within the family. Saturn is now in the bottom of your chart: in your cellar, basement, underground bunker. Whatever is buried in those places needs to be confronted in 2022, including a great deal of Ancestral Karma.

But it is not all so gloomy, since it is the last leg of Saturn’s journey in your house of home, and he tends to bestow gifts to those who were diligent and adhered to his suggestions. The biggest change from last year is the arrival of the Tail of the Dragon to Scorpio-land. The last time this happened was 1984–1986 and again in 2003–2004. The South Node pointes at what we need to let go of, and this means you have a once-in-19-years-chance to wash away any excess that belongs to your sign. For example, you can shed some of your intensity, possessiveness, vindictiveness, and be ready to lean in, metaphysically speaking. What I mean is that you can let go of whatever is lurking in your shadow: any bad feelings, resentments, and regret can be dissolved by the sharp-scaled tail of the Dragon.

This year your co-ruler, Mars, is traveling in your house of death and transformation during the last six months of the year. That is your house, the underworld, the subconscious, the unseen and uninvestigated. This is not so bad for you, as you can use this time to further advance your cleanse and detox from immoderation. In the second half of 2022, you have the power to transform yourself and others, dive deep into hidden subjects, excel in research and investigation and generally possess tremendous powers of transformation. However, Mars might bring about an end or a death (symbolic or real) into your life. You could also develop a new sexual attraction or connect to a new passion. Be extra careful of conflicts with your partner about finance and values.

Now for some good news that involves Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunities. Between January–May and October–December, Jupiter wants to give you a big gift: love. Considering we just spoke of the Mars transit in your house of sexuality, this can be a very interesting time of year for you. As Jupiter travels in your house of love, happiness, children, and sports, he generates opportunities for you to fall in love with a person or a project, maybe a hobby or a recreational activity. Entertainment, fun, happiness, and creativity are what Jupiter wishes to bestow upon you in 2022. In addition, Jupiter can bring good news in connection to children, your “babies” (including projects), anything that comes out of your heart and/or your womb. It is time to loosen up and enjoy life. Since you are a fellow water sign, Jupiter in Pisces sends a trine to your Sun, which makes you feel connected to the universe and in fl ow. Your key word is LOVE.


Saturn, the Lord Karma, is walking in your house of communication, business, contacts, contracts, siblings, and relatives. Saturn likes to fix things and in 2022 he continues the reconstruction of your house of communication, helping you figure out what your message is, how you can deliver it, and who your target audience is. In other words, you are looking for your logos, the Word that is with God—the Word that is God, as the apostle John once said. As a mutable fire sign, meaning, the one assigned with teaching and spreading the truth, this transit is extremely potent for your ability to become the sage, teacher, consultant—in short, the Truth-Sayer—that you can become.

In 2022 you are given the tools necessary to write, communicate, publish, and share your wisdom with others. Saturn might create a bit of friction or resistance to make sure you are standing firmly behind your message, but once you pass all the trials, tests, and temptations (like Jesus and the Buddha), you may attain a certain type of illumination and be able to reach a new level of development. It is beneficial to go back to 1991–1993 and trace what Saturn tried to teach last time he was in your house of communication. Issues might arise in order to be fixed with your close relatives, roommates, or neighbors. You have to choose the high road and be the gracious, wise, and compassionate centaur you are.

For a Sagittarius, it is always important to be aware of Chiron’s transit, as he is the most celebrated of you centaur folk. Since 2019, Chiron has been in a fellow fire sign, Aries—which is great for you guys—and continues his journey in your brother sign until 2027. Chiron is transiting in your house of love, children, and happiness. This gives you a great opportunity to heal wounds that relate to your children or love. Chiron is conducting an open-heart surgery on you and can potentially mend your romantic scars, or any other traumas from early childhood. Since June of 2020, the South Node (hence the eclipses) were in your sign. This was not easy on you nor on any of us since you hold the keys to optimism and hope, and when the South Node was in your sign, we suffered from lack of connection to what you represent: education (universities were shut down), teaching (homeschooling during the pandemic), travel (most countries were in lockdown), religion (houses of worship were closed), and truth (fake news, the Big Lie, disinformation). It was as if you were tied and bound in a cave, unable to come to our rescue. Well, this time is over, and you have been freed since December 23, 2021.

The South Node retrograded into Scorpio and now we deal with the Tail of the Dragon. The eclipses in 2022 and part of 2023 transit in your house of work, service, health, and past lifetimes. This means you could get a big boost in your work, especially if you feel you are offering a service and upholding your truth. The South Node in the house of letting go is a warning to not be too obsessed with throwing things or people out of your life. Also, it is an indication that you may feel an urge to let go, retreat, or meditate for too long, or be over-occupied with the past. You may also have to fight the urge to escape, run away, retreat, or avoid responsibilities and commitments. 2022 is about working, fixing your diet, establishing a healthy routine and serving humanity while minding your message, your logos.


2022 is an interesting year for you Capricorns since Venus, the planet of money and relationships, starts the year retrograding in your sign and ends the year transiting direct in your sign once again. Following the same trend is Saturn, the ruler of your sign, that this year transits in your house of values, money, talents, and self-worth. It is as if the year starts broken and ends fixed. Since the beginning of the pandemic’s lockdowns, Saturn, the Lord Karma, also dubbed the Lady of Understanding, has been transiting in your house of values. In 2022 Saturn continues to mentor you, trying to have you connect your values to the way you earn a living. After all, your key word is “I Use,” and this is the year when you can finally utilize and tap into your talents, of which some might have been hidden until now. You can go back to 1991-1993, which was the last time Saturn connected you to your talents and showed you glimpses of how you can translate your talents into money. If you like what you do for a living, then Saturn might create situations that pressure you into being more efficient and more effective about how you manage your finances. If you wish to make a change in the way you generate income, this is the best year to focus and be disciplined, have a detailed plan and make the jump into something new. Remember the formula for this year: Talent + Self Worth = Money. 

The square off between Saturn and Uranus is causing tension between your house of love and the house of money. This could manifest as wanting to find a more creative job but being afraid of risking your financial security. There can also be expenses from raising children that you don’t expect, or a lover that makes your insecurities take hold of you, especially between September and October. The North Node and the eclipses are moving into your house of love and happiness. This is great news that can make your heart shine. Perhaps it is a romantic lover coming into your life, or a new hobby that fills your heart with joy. It can also manifest as a pregnancy or reconnecting with your children in a new way. This is a great year to start a new sport or physical activity. The North Node is a vessel of good Karma, and this year you can cash in all your good deeds of the past 19 years. There can be an amazingly creative new project that will demand your inner child to come out and play. Of all signs you are considered the most serious and mature, yet this year you are asked to be childlike and playful. The South Node, however, is in your house of community and friends. You may have to spend less time with friends and focus more on our children, lovers, hobbies, or creation. There could be a change and a letting go of some of your friends or affiliates.

From January to May and October to December, Jupiter, the planet of opportunities and good fortune, is transiting in your house of business, communication, networking, contracts, writing and trade. This is very good for starting a new venture, a new commercial endeavor, and extending your network of connections. If you were a country, you would now undergo a major infrastructure project. It is as if all forms of communication are opening for you and you can deliver your message in different formats—just make sure you have something authentic you want to convey. This Jupiter position can also help with healing, or advancing relationships with neighbors, relatives, siblings, and roommates. They key word for 2022 is: COMMUNICATION. This also helps the transit of Saturn in your house of finance. Saturn can help you find a new source of income while Jupiter can provide the communication infrastructure to market your new talent—and help utilize it to the fullest.


Since the beginning of the lockdowns of 2020, Saturn, your traditional ruler, moved into your sign for the first time since 1991, 1993. You should be aware of it by now, since life was hard, full of extra responsibilities, commitments, pressures, and privations. It was as if you were micromanaged by life, and your ability to stay calm was tested again and again. Saturn is the Lord Karma, also known as the rectifier in Kabbalah. Since March of 2020 Saturn has been on and off in your sign and remains there until March of 2023. Since this is the last year of your sign hosting Saturn, you can expect some of the benefits of having that planet in your midst.

Saturn is not an easy planet to host. He creates pressure and forces changes that usually make us more serious, mature, and responsible. Since Saturn has been transiting in your first house, you have been feeling the pressure in all aspects of your life, but mainly around your body, identity, and role in life, as well as how people perceive you and how you see yourself. In 2022 you can take all of Saturn’s harsh lessons and put them into practice. This is a great year to reconnect to your body, start a new physical activity, a new health regimen, and reconnect to who you are and what you want for yourself and your future. This is a good year to rebrand yourself, assume a new role, grow up, take more responsibilities, and become the person you always dreamed of becoming. This is a year to take your potential and make it real. Your tribe has two rulers, Saturn (your traditional ruler who also rules tradition) and Uranus (discovered in 1781, and rules revolutions). You are like Rome or Sparta that was ruled by two kings or councils, only these two rulers are so far apart, in their affiliation and values, that it makes you kind of loco. Saturn wants to preserve everything at any price, while Uranus wants to destroy it all and start anew. In 2021 they squared off in February, June, and December and in 2022 they continue their quarrels, especially in September and October. In your case, the square is felt as tension between you and your family. You are lucky that this year (as you will see in the next paragraph) the North Node, also known as the point of good Karma, is moving into your house of home. But still there could be challenges and some tension between your new identity and the needs of your family members or household. It could also mean that your new sense of self might collide with the location where you live, as in your neighborhood, city, or country.

The North Node, or Head of the Dragon, is changing houses and glides into your house of home and family. This is great news if you want to buy a house, start a family, make a move (riding the dragon to relocate), or heal relationships within the family. The North Node can help you feel secure, nurtured, and cradled by the universe after the hard years of having to deal with Saturn in your sign.

The North Node could channel its benevolence through family members who might offer help or good advice, support, or even financial aid. The Tail of the Dragon, or the South Node, is located in your house of career and status. This means that in 2022 and the first half of 2023 you should focus less on your career and professional life and more on your home and family. It does not mean your career is sinking, on the contrary, it means it can soar higher—but only if you make an effort to place your energy and attention on your home and family. The emotional security provided by a safe home can be the launching pad you need in order to achieve success in your professional life.


Since 2020, right when the pandemic lockdowns started, Saturn, the Lord of Karma, moved into your house of isolations, past lives, hospitals, jails, and retreats. In fact, that is the house your sign rules, with your infinite capacity to empathize with people and help elevate the suffering of humanity. Maybe it was by some sort of heavenly design that you were asked to dive deep into the house of hospitals in order to provide the care and empathy to all of us who were feeling isolated, sick and in pain. In 2022, you are able to reap the rewards of all your hard work over the last two years. Since March 2020, you might have felt as if life is harder than normal, having to let go, deal with subconscious issues, go through breakups and even some time in the hospital. But Saturn is training you in 2022 to get ready for 2023, when he plans to transit into your sign for almost three years. Last time you hosted Saturn was 1993-1996. It is as if Saturn wants to cleanse you from all the patterns you have been carrying with you for thirty years, so that in 2023, you can start a new page in your life and begin reinventing yourself, or to use Pisces terminology, reimagining yourself.

In 2021, Jupiter, your traditional ruler, made a short visit into your sign from mid-May to end of July. It was a little preview of what is to come in 2022. Once in 12 years, Jupiter comes to visit you and as the Grand Benevolent, he comes bearing gifts. From January to May and October to December, Jupiter wets his feet in your crystal-clear waters, bringing you a great deal of opportunities in all aspects of your life, but he can especially help you reinvent yourself. Jupiter can help you improve the way you view yourself, your body, your personality, your image, and your looks. It is a time for a new web site, a new hairdo, time to reconnect to fitness, or try on new clothes. Heck, be a fi shout of water! All aspects of your life can benefit. The key word for you in 2022 is Know Thyself.

From May–October, Jupiter transits in your house of money, talents, and self-worth. In those months you should let abundance in! Jupiter, also called the “Wheel of Fortune,” brings about new opportunities to improve your finances, get a raise, or tap into a new talent that could one day provide a new stream of income. Putting everything together, Saturn can help you get rid of whatever was blocking you thus far, while Jupiter runs back and forth between helping you reinvent yourself and assisting you in making money from the new image you assume. It seems as if the planets are conspiring to make you a new person with more resources and self-love. You might feel the square between Saturn and Uranus (peaking in September–October) creating the need to retreat and let go (Saturn) and the need to market yourself and conjure new businesses which demand that you expose yourself and be in the spotlight (Uranus). Since Uranus is in your house of business and communication, think about the ways in which you can upgrade, update, innovate, and be as original as you can.

Minerva, the goddess of wisdom, has been in your sign since March 7, 2021, and continues whispering wisdom in your ears until February 13, 2022. This is a mighty long time to walk with the goddess of war, strategy, and wisdom. She has been bestowing her advice through dreams, visions, meditation, imagination, channeling, and intuition. It might be hard to let her go, as you may be used to her divine presence in your heart, but at the same time, you may be experiencing people in your life being more demanding, needy, and trying to cross your boundaries. Continue to spend quality time with yourself.

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