Path #0

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 0

The Threshold of Nothingness – The Way of the Joker


Potential, leap of faith, fearlessness, uniqueness, new beginnings, freedom, independence, futuristic outlook, ideas, innocence, naiveté, technology, and creativity.


The nameless path (zero) leads from the CROWN to WISDOM. It opens new ways of thinking, while stimulating the qualities of innovation, unpredictability, change and innocence. It is the path of the Fool, the joker who survives the challenges of life and his own recklessness by laughing at it all. The number zero suggests the state of mind one should cultivate on this particular path is an attitude of No Fear. Why no fear? Because the Joker asserts that there is nothing (Zero) out there anyway. Why worry, why be afraid if all is nothingness? Here we find the path of the initiator, the innovator and the inventor. This is the path of the individual who does things in unique ways. It is the path of freedom.


No Fear – I am open to all possibilities, embracing all that comes my way, knowing that I am safe and free.

Psalms 119: 1-8

“Happy are they that are upright in the Way.”

Astrological Aspect
The planet Uranus


The FOOL rules the path because only a fool would think of embarking on the indefinable journey from Crown to Wisdom. But it is because of Fools that we enjoy all the spiritual technologies available to us today. The Fool is the shape shifter who can change into any card he or she chooses. That is probably why it is the only Major Arcana that has survived in modern playing cards as the Joker or Wild Card.


Erratic, unpredictable, unstable, inconsistent, scattered, irresponsible, a rebel without a cause. Destructive with no solution, foolish. weird, madness, and chaotic. 

Hebrew Letter

א Aleph, is the first of the Hebrew letters, which represents absolute potential. In Kabbalah, Aleph rules the element of air-The Prana or the Holy Ghost. It is the breath, the potential for all that is. The danger is that of “hot air.” People who talk and talk and never translate that air into action-can resonate here as well. Aleph is said to have all the letters embedded in it. It serves as the master program for the other 21 archetypal energies. In Hebrew, Aleph also means “champion,” indicating that the Fool is the champion of all the cards.

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