Path #1

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 1

The Path of the Trickster – The Way of Magic


Mental and physical flexibility, intelligence, trade, information, playfulness, words, magic spells, mantras, will power, skill, agility, creating something out of nothing, cunning, lies, theft, mind over matter.


This path connects the nothingness of the CROWN with the materializing sphere of UNDERSTANDING. It demands that you manifest your will as well as the will of others. Think of the magician who pulls a dove out of thin air. It is the path of mind over matter, the path of the Magician and the master Alchemist. Anyone who puts two people or projects together and then collects a finder’s fee walks on this path. The writer, the negotiator and the orator walk on this path as well. The number one symbolizes the energy of the initiator and of leadership. Logic rules here in the guise of a double-edged sword that can either destroy or be used to a greater clarity of understanding. On this path, you create magic if you employ the sword, in the service of the Light. Use your words wisely. They wield enormous power.


I am ready for magic to dissolve my blocks. I am open to all channels of communication and am receptive to messages from within and without. I am the creator of my own life.

Psalms 119: 9-16

“With my lips have I told all the ordinances of Thy mouth.”

Astrological Aspect
The planet Mercury


The MAGICIAN represents the ability in each of us to create what we need and drawing closer to the One. The magician is master of the four elements. He supports his words (air) with action (fire), and he does what he feels (water) is right to achieve his goals (earth). The magician’s symbol is infinity. He is the writer, communicator, messenger and trader.


Trickery, lies, and deception. Abusing magic and power for one’s own selfish needs. Walking in the shadow, susceptible to darkness.

Hebrew Letter

ב Bet means house or home in Hebrew. It suggests that we must find a home or a structure for all our thoughts. Words contain great creative power both good and bad. Declaring, “I can’t make it” will manifest itself just as easily as “I will succeed.” Use words with reverence. It is not a coincidence that the Torah, one of the channels of Light into our world, begins with the letter Bet. Aleph, path 0, is potential. This path, #1, brings that potential home to Earth.
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