Path #10

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 10

Path of the Wheel – The Way of Fortune


Fortune, the tables are turning, good vibration, expansion and luck, miracles, breakthroughs, unexpected help.


This path leads from MERCY to ETERNITY, a journey for those who rely on luck and usually find it. It connects the two fortunate spheres on the lower (and therefore more practical) half of the pillar of expansion. This road is all about cycles and prophecy. Mercy connects to background and history while Eternity embodies the energy of repetition. By examining the cycles of life, a wise person can foresee the likely events of the future. This road gives birth to the ancient proverb “History repeats itself.” But the wheel also brings surprises. Give chance a chance. Good fortune awaits!


I am surfing the swell of synchronicities and opportunities! I feel lucky as I see the milliard of opportunities open before me.

Psalms 119: 81-88

“Quicken me after Thy loving-kindness.”
Astrological Aspect
Planet Jupiter


The WHEEL OF FORTUNE, always turning, represents the ever-changing nature 
of life. But one point never moves-the center. This path seeks to guide you to that still middle point.


Excessive behavior, obesity, overly optimistic, blind faith, fatalism 
and laziness. 

Hebrew Letter

כ Kaf means “The palm of the hand.” The art of palmistry 
postulates that a man’s fortune is carved on the hand. The letter Kaf suggests that everything you need is right there in your own world. Open yourself to opportunities and allow them to flow into your life.
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