Path #11

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 11

Path of Balance – The Way of Justice


Balance, diplomacy, design and art, symmetry, lawyers, justice, court, open enemies, relationships, contracts, marriage, balance between extremes.


This path joins SEVERITY and BEAUTY. It focuses on balance, justice, law, peace and relationships. It is the path of lawyers, courts, contracts, compromises and negotiation. Pay extra attention to your partners and significant others, especially marriage partners or partners in work. Judgments concerning issues of the heart arise often, and those on this path must make all sorts of decisions all the time. Judge wisely, with balance, and avoid swings to the extremes. This path also rules beauty, both inside and out. Those on this path often find themselves engaged in creative or artistic pursuits. Find the beauty in harmony. To connect to this path, make an effort to redesign your work or living space.


I am in harmony with life, balanced and in equilibrium. Justice will prevail and I will be rewarded for all my efforts. I generate peace and tranquility to all my relationships.

Psalms 119: 89-96

“I have seen an end to every purpose”

Astrological Aspect



The LADY OF JUSTICE symbolizes the balanced decisions demanded on this route. She holds the scales of justice, but her eyes are blindfolded to prevent her from being influenced by the outer appearance of those she judges. Don’t be overly swayed by external beauty. Don’t let your eyes deceive your better judgment. 


Superficiality, confusing outer with inner beauty. Blindness to problems or difficulties, indecisiveness, hypocrisy. 

Hebrew Letter

ל Lamed means both to teach and to learn. Hebrew offers no distinction 
between learning and teaching. A true teacher always learns when he teaches and a true student teaches while she learns. That give and take epitomizes the same balance required to build functioning relationships. Lamed stands precisely in the middle of the Hebrew alphabet, further stressing this road’s mandate for equilibrium.
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