Path #12

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 12

Path of Letting Go – The Way of New Perspective


Letting go, stagnation, the quite before the storm, sacrifice, mysticism, ocean and water, surrendering to the higher self, dealing with suffering, punishment, feeling stuck or dependent. 


This path unites SEVERITY and SPLENDOR. Anyone walking here must learn to surrender to higher forces and trust their psychic intuition. Find the splendor in the hardships of life. It will demand that you relinquish old beliefs and behaviors, sacrifice your ego, and let go and flow with the Tao. New perspectives and ideas abound. Try changing the direction of your bed, move some furniture around, so something you have not done before. Since this path marks the lower and more practical half of the left column, acting on all new information and instincts is also vital. Stay alert to the path’s mother lode of psychic energy, telepathy, precognition and ESP.


I accept all my challenges, knowing they are my greatest teachers. I grow by letting go and surrendering to a higher power.

Psalms 119: 97-104

“How sweet are Thy words unto my palate”
Astrological Aspect
Planet Neptune, ruler of Pisces


The HANGED MAN symbolizes a need to see the world in a whole new way. The card shows a man hanging upside down from a tree (the Tree of Life). By examining the world from a radically different vantage point, one discovers all sorts of new ideas, images and perspectives. This card suggests that we sacrifice our Ego, our usual habits, and give ourselves up to higher ideals.


Dependency and codependency, a tendency to remain stuck in destructive situations and relationships, escapism, gullibility, daydreaming, a problem differentiating between reality and fantasy. 

Hebrew Letter

מ Mem means “water.” It is one of the three maternal letters along with Aleph and Shin, which correspond to the three elements: water, air and fire. Life started in water. It is the most common element on the surface of our planet. Water flows, resisting nothing, pouring easily around anything that stands in its path.
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