Path #17

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 17

Path of Righteousness – The Path of the New Age


Awareness, new paradigm, future, hope, friends, corporations, freedom, liberty and equality, aliens, technology, information, cosmic truth, humanitarian work.


This path joins ETERNITY TO FOUNDATION on the road of the New Age-the age of the reign of Light. It merges the expansive giving nature of the right pillar with the reproductive force of Foundation. It is the path of the givers, altruists and the Water Bearer, who selflessly bestows the water of life to all. Hope, future and helping others reign. People on this course often seem a bit strange, but they must not be dissuaded from their unique mission. Rebels, innovators and geniuses who strive for a new way find their strength here.


I am an antenna for awareness and consciousness. I am here to do God’s biddings and spread the word of love.

Psalms 119: 137-144

“Thy righteousness is everlasting righteousness.”
Astrological Aspect


The STAR depicts a woman who pours electromagnetic energy from a golden chalice into a silver cup. She represents an extraterrestrial guardian angel to all that work for the betterment of mankind.


Too weird, eccentric, overly cerebral and scientific. Illusions 
and false hopes.

Hebrew Letter

צ Tzadik means “hook.” Associated with meditation, it is like a barb thrown into the waters of the subconscious to fish for realizations and enlightenment. This letter also suggests a saint or righteous person.

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