Path #4

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 4

The Path of the Provider of Order – The Way of the Liberator


Warrior, masculine, powerful, victory, strategy, independence, leadership, initiation, seeds, adventure, boldness, active, new opportunities, and Martial arts.


This path connects WISDOM with BEAUTY. It is the path of civilization, the provider of order. Liberators walk this path, releasing those who surround them from bondage and structuring a life that leads to the balance of the heart. The United States, born on the 4th of July, finds itself here. This road builds order based on a courageous conquering of fear and the opening of new frontiers and clearings in the jungle. It is the path of leaders and reformers, soldiers and warriors of Light. Make sure you start a workout program so that you can embody the martial qualities of this path.


I am powerful and all conquering. I can win all my battles and overcome my challenges. I am leading myself and others to a place of light.

Psalms 119: 33-40

“Quicken me in Thy righteousness”
Astrological Aspect



The EMPEROR, the Father who is married to his lover – the Empress (see path #3), represents liberation from internal and external oppression. He protects all those who suffer, and he will not hesitate to wage war to accomplish his higher goals.


Rigid-reasoning, self-righteousness, and an inability to act from the heart. Too macho, aggressive, susceptible to dogmatism and tyranny. 

Hebrew Letter

ה Hey means “window.” Just as the eyes are the windows to the soul, this path is also a window to our heart and soul. Through this window, via our liberator within, we peer at the horizon of infinite possibilities. This letter represents the path to our “Promised Land.” Hey is also an exclamation. “Hey!” is what you shout when someone pushes you. When you want to draw some attention, you yell, “Hey!” Hey is often used as a symbol of God. It signifies the God within, our higher self that seasons all thoughts and ambitions with heart.
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