Path #5

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 5

The Path of the Spiritual leader – The Ocean of Wisdom


Spiritual teacher, adviser, finance, talent, self worth, intuition, inner voice, connectedness, as above so below, memory, a meeting with a spiritual master.


This path links WISDOM with MERCY, the huge sea of expanding grace and compassion. It marks the way of the spiritual master who facilitates our own connection to the divine. Known as the Ocean of Wisdom, this innovative path is for those charged with unifying the broken and wounded pieces of the creation. Kindness and unconditional compassion dominate here. This highest path of the right pillar of expansion emphasizes the importance of giving and doing for others. A true connector (in spirituality or business) works solely for the benefit of others. With this mindset, the unifier always receives more than he or she needs.


I am my own guide, my own priest, and rabbi. I am on the path to financial security. I receive abundance from the Universe that allows me to give and share my inner as well as my outer wealth.

Psalms 119: 41-48

“I will speak of Thy testimonies before kings, and will not be ashamed”
Astrological Aspect


The HIEROPHANT rules the inner voice, what Kabbalah calls “Bat Kol,” literally “the daughter of the Voice.” The Hierophant is our internal spiritual leader, who communicates with us via intuition. He attempts to connect our higher self with our consciousness to make us aware of our potential. 


Greed, materialism, attachment to objects. Vanity and luxury. Take note of the many religious leaders and gurus who have found their heads puffed up with money, power, sex and dominance over their followers.

Hebrew Letter

ו Vav means “Nail.” Just as nails join two pieces of wood into one, the path of the Ocean of Compassion serves to put things together. In Hebrew, Vav is used as a prefix of union-like in boys “and” girls. It signifies our union with the divine.
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