Path #6

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 6

The Path of Logic in the Service of the Heart – The Way of the 


Relationships, love, connection of opposing forces, communication, writers, traders, business, overcoming duality and separation.


The Lovers govern this path between UNDERSTANDING and BEAUTY. Like all love affairs, it can create a lasting union if the partners connect to their heart. But when judgment and misunderstandings dominate, it will end in separation and divorce. Anyone who travels this road must use understanding, logic and the power of reasoning in the service of beauty, love and spirituality. Followers of this road must resist the belief that rationality explains all. Writers, communicators and PR experts of all sorts must all remember that they are merely the messengers, not the message.


I am attracting the right relationships into my life. I surround myself with people that understand and love me. I am a junction for people to connect with each other.

Psalms 119: 49-56

“I have remembered Thy name, O Lord”
Astrological Aspect


The LOVERS denote the two that are One; the ideal union of all dualities. Represented by the astrological sign Gemini-twins, exactly the same, but of different gender, they wield love as the tool that builds unity. 


Too logical, too much in their head, unemotional. Lies, theft, and a tendency to use the sword of logic to separate rather than unite. Take care to avoid conveying false or distorted messages.

Hebrew Letter

ז Zain stands for both a sword and the male sex organ. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but in this case they are one and the same. The sword is the symbol of the powerful intellect, slicing through to the crux of any issue. This letter also translates to penis, the male sex organ. Through loving sexual intercourse, Zain has the potential to foster a perfect union between the masculine and feminine, between 0 and 1, ovum and sperm.
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