Path #7

22 Paths of the Tree of Life / Path 7

The Path of the Vessel of God – The Way of the Child of Waters.


Meditation, home, family, vehicle to success, focus and new direction, change for the good, health, victory, walls, letting go of the past. 


This path joins UNDERSTANDING with SEVERITY, a road related to family, home, security and hospitality. Love is not an easy concept to Understand and practice. It demands a great deal of attention, discipline, patience and time, which is precisely the reason this path runs between the two most difficult, most restrictive spheres of the Tree. For most of us, the family stands as our central connection to love. It nourishes all kinds of love: unconditional love of the parents to their children, brotherly love between siblings, romantic love between the spouses and friendly love among cousins. But familial love can and often does strangle, restrict and fence us in. We feel it often with family obligations and the psychological neuroses inherent in many parent-child bonds. The family is protected by the home, in a sense the physical vessel for love. But this notion of family doesn’t imply blood ties exclusively. People create loving, functioning families at work, with friends and in many other groups and settings. This road of the protected home is also the path of meditation. Meditation requires stillness, inner quiet 
and discipline. Its purpose is to help you find the home within.


I am loved by my family and nurtured by the Universe. I forgive those who have wronged me and ask forgiveness from those I digressed.

Psalms 119: 57-64

“I am companion of all them that love Thee.”
Astrological Aspect



The CHARIOT symbolizes the vehicle humankind can use to reach God. 
One of the oldest Jewish mystical writings was called “Merkavah” or “The Chariot” (Ezekiel 1:1). The Chariot is code for meditation. In meditation, one reaches God by traveling without movement. In this card, the charioteer wears armor to represent the need for protection and security if one is to undertake this journey. This card also connects to the search for the Holy Grail-our inner divine emotional reservoir. 


Too protective or overly connected to one’s roots, “the 
chosen people” syndrome. Dependency, selfishness, thick emotional walls, 
overly sensitive. 

Hebrew Letter

ח Chet means “Fence” or “Wall” that marks the boundaries of the backyard of the home or even the border of a country. It stems from the shell of the crab of Cancer and the need for protection. In other words, the wall around a city that protects it from invaders.
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