Alchemy of Relationships - Soul Mates and Other Mystical Lessons on Partnerships and...


Special Full Moon class on the Biblical Day of Love!

Why will we do anything to find a partner and once we finally have one, find it incredibly challenging to maintain?

How can relationships be both wonderful and frustrating? Illuminating and disappointing? Full of love and hate,...Read more

online workshops: astrology: star signs + past time regression (2 workshops with...

Join astrologer Gahl Sasson for two workshops focussing on how to understand the star signs and past lifetime regression.

Gahl Sasson makes astrology engaging, illuminating and fun. He brings in innovative examples to illustrate high level concepts, bringing laughter and plenty of aha moments. Most of all, Gahl...Read more

Kabbalah Series: Manifest with the Tree of Life

After leading this workshop for years at Esalen, CA. I decided to offer this 10 weeks workshop on Zoom:

According to Kabbalah, God used the ten spheres of the Tree of Life as a blueprint to create the universe. By following this same blueprint you too can create miracles in your own life. This in-depth workshop...Read more

Weekly Check-Up: Astrology for the week

On my run today, I had a thought. We should meet once a week on Sunday, and talk about the major astrological trends that are happening in the week ahead and how they manifest in our lives.

No prior knowledge in astrology is needed. This will be a free platform to share synchronicities between the planets...Read more

Learn to Read the Tarot: Mirror of the Soul

Learn to read the tarot cards and discover their healing as well as entertaining aspects.

Is the Tarot a fortune-telling tool?
Why are there so many symbols in the Tarot?
Why is the Joker not allowed in so many card games?
Why did the church excommunicate the cards?
What is the card that...Read more

Free Intro: Learn to Read your Astrology Chart

This is an ongoing practical astrology workshop designed to teach you how to interpret your chart. From April 30 weekly meeting at 6pm-7:30pmPST. Recording will be available for those who cannot make it. First four weeks are bundled $36.

The meetings will be recorded and shared with people who sign in and could not...Read more

Virtual Workshop: Coronavirus and Astrology

Join Astrologer, Gahl Sasson, who predicted the appearance of a virus and a recession in his Astrology of 2020 book and recent lecture at The DEN, for a very special and timely workshop shedding light on astrological connections behind the Coronavirus.

In this workshop, Gahl will trace the astrological cycles and...Read more

Webinar: Free Spirit Book Club

The "Free Spirit" Book Club 
I would like to offer a free service to us all. I am staring a free book club over Zoom. My idea is to have a platform to share ideas about books and try to find the spiritual and mythical aspects of stories. It is a bit of an escape to the realm of imagination, but...Read more

New York: The Astrology of 2020

For decades, astrologers and stargazers around the world looked forward as well as dreaded the arrival of the year 2020. While some prophesied disaster (coming from Greek: dis-aster, against the stars), others identified the year as the dawning of a new era.

What music do the spheres wish to play for us in the year...Read more

London class with Laura Day - Rise like a Phoenix: how to find opportunities in crisis

From Brexit to climate change, a yoga injury or a midlife crisis; a financial downturn or a relationship falling apart. These hard moments in life offer a great opportunity for growth and empowerment.

In this workshop Laura Day and Gahl Sasson demonstrate that crisis, challenges and difficulties are blessings in...Read more