How to Get Along with Geminis

When you meet a Gemini for the first time, make sure you have valuable information to share. Deliver the information in a short and entertaining manner. Remember the three-to-five-minute law.

If Geminis start scratching their head, playing with their hair, or fidgeting, it means one thing: you are boring them. Change the subject and let the Gemini do the talking.

Try to address both sides of the Geminis dual nature. For example, a Gemini who obsesses over superficialities like shoes, manicures, and which bar stands as the hottest this week might also harbor a deep interest in spirituality. Therefore, go ahead and play with her, but then invite her to a spiritual gathering. She will love the fact that you have acknowledged both sides of her personality.

Introduce your Gemini friends to other people. Geminis value contacts and connections more than anything else.

Flaunt your intellectual side. Share the knowledge you have. The Gemini needs to be stimulated.