August Astrological High-lights

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The month of August, which derives from the Latin Augustus, meaning “consecrated” or “venerable,” was named after the Roman emperor Augustus, who took his name super seriously and asked to be worshiped as a god after his death. He didn’t make it to the stars or constellations but at least he adorns some calendars.

But true enough, August is an imperial month that is crowned by the royal sign Leo which covers 23 of his days with the sunny pride of lioness and lions. While August 2022 does boast many planets retrograding, among them Pluto (transformation), Saturn (Karma), Vesta (tradition), Neptune (imagination), Jupiter (opportunities), and Chiron (healing and wounds), the personal planets are behaving nicely and move forward, which means that while there might be some background noise, overall, it is a month you could and should get things going since come September we will have Mercury retrograde and in October the eclipses return with Mars retrograde to make thigs a bit more spooky.

Sunday, July 24 was the last Cosmic Navigator Show of the 1st season and we will resume our Sundays on September 4. Link to register if you are not already are part of our podcast: HERE

I will be giving readings in person (click on links) in London (Aug 19-25)  Zurich (July 26-Aug 2) Tel Aviv (Aug 14-19). Also, the workshops on Color Therapy and Storytelling which I am giving in London are available virtually as well. I will also be doing a workshop on Biblical stories in a beautiful church, it is in-person only (Aug 25).

August Important Dates

August 1 (Mars conjunct Uranus): for the next few days please be extra careful with accidents, your training, sharp objects, electricity, and how you manage your anger. These are both explosive planets that can trigger a great deal of flames, wars, and aggression. Since it is happening in Taurus, it can affect finance, and your body.

Aug 4 (Mercury enters its sign of exaltation): This means good news for work, getting things done, editing and healing. Order is back! Like I said earlier, use Mercury while he is going (and thinking) straight.

Aug 8 (Double happiness 8/8): This is called the Lion Gate when Sirius (the brightest star in the sky) rises after being hidden by the Sun for 70 days. A very powerful day: do something special to celebrate the Dog Star, which is the higher-self of our Solar Disk, the Sun of our Sun. 

Aug 9 (Venus opposite Pluto): Be extra careful with expenses and finance. Relationships could be difficult today. Stay away from manipulation and power struggle, if you are in an abusing relationship, there could be some pain coming, maybe enough to help you break free.

Aug 11 (Venus enters Leo): The goddess of love is getting the royal treatment. Great for creativity and all forms of partnership. That being said, partners and significant others might demand a lot of attention.

Aug 12 (Full Moon in Aquarius): This is the biblical Valentine’s Day, a day of friendship and love. A long creative process is coming to completion, a friend might turn into a romantic lover, or maybe just a great day to spear love among your friends, company, or organization. A great day to manifest your wishes.   

Aug 14 (Sun opposite Saturn): Good father versus bad father. You might be caught between an understanding boss and a less benevolent one. Issues with discipline and self-expression. You might feel a bit gloomy, but this too shall pass.

Aug 16 (Mercury trine Uranus): Brilliant ideas, scientific discoveries, and good flow with friends. Your IQ is raised to new levels. Great for brainstorming.

Aug 20, 2022 – Mar 24, 2023 (Mars transits into Gemini): In the Tarot cards, this aspect is signified by the Nine of Swords and called Cruelty. Be careful of straying thoughts and intellectual battles. Your words can move mountains but also cause conflicts and strife. A good time to put action in service of ideal, ideas, and your words.   Today is the virtual class on storytelling and how to improve the narrative of your life. Link HERE On August 21 is the virtual class on how to use colors according to kabbalah, astrology and psychology. Link HERE

Aug 24, 2022 – Jan 24, 2023 (Uranus goes retrograde): Restlessness, rebels without a cause, friends from the past resurface.

Aug 26 (Mercury enters Libra): Balance is returning. There is a strong sense of justice and harmonious communication. A good time for compromise, peace negotiation, and finding common ground. Great for couple’s therapy. Good for selling or marketing your talents and art.

Aug 27 (New Moon in Virgo): A great time to start a new diet, detox, cleanse your body or start a new routine that can lead to better health. A new beginning for work as well as acts of service.

August 28 (Laura Day’s Practical Intuition Bootcamp): My dear friend, teacher, collogue, cocreator, and sister, Laura Day is a bestselling author and she is leading one of her rare and super powerful Practical Intuition Bootcamp. I highly recommend it, please check it out. This transformative workshop can take your intuition to the next level. Link to register HERE

Aug 28 (Venus opposite Saturn): Challenging relationships especially with older people or superiors and bosses.

Have an amazing month and see you virtually or in person!

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