Convergence of Solar and Lunar Calendars: Equinox and New Moon in Aries

Saturn moved into Pisces on March 7th, and Pluto ingresses into Aquarius on March 23. Their transits above reflect on us living here below, and indeed the last few months have been intense all over the world. Demonstrations in Israel, Georgia, France, Mexico, and Peru. A devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, atmospheric rivers, floodings, banks collapsing, a warrant issued for Putin arrest and looks like one might be handed to Trump right on the equinox.

Saturn in Aquarius (technology, innovation) made Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence a household name, and now as he transits into fantasy, imaginative, and hallucinogenic Pisces, we are told to be aware that these newly minted technological miracle suffers from an acute case of Hallucinations, yes, somewhat on the nose, which is defined by Wikipedia as “a confident response by an AI that does not seem to be justified by its training data.” Wait, was that a psychiatric diagnosis or a technical one?

In my 2023 astrology book I mentioned that as Pluto transits into Aquarius for two decades, we can expect even more revolutions, demonstrations, changes in government, and movement of people. We are heading towards the more intense part of 2023 with the eclipses (April 20 – May 5) falling in Aries (North Node) and Scorpio (South Node) both signs ruled by warlike Mars and magnified by the Mercury Retrograde that takes place at the same time (April 20 – May 16). Just a reminder, we are entering Mercury’s pre-retro Shadow April 7.  

But enough of this doom and gloom, this year we have an Astro-treat, coming up next week on March 21! Every year we celebrate the Astrological New Year on March 21, the first day of Aries and the onset of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Countless monuments worldwide were erected over the ages to commemorate and mark this auspicious day, from the Pyramids of Egypt, to Stonehenge in England, Chichen Itza of Mexico, Peru’s Machu Picchu, the Chaco Canyon in the USA, and Newgrange in Ireland.  

On the equinox of March 21, the day and night, masculine and feminine, are in balance. It is such a powerful day that the Sumerians and Babylonian—the Lords of Time, consecrated it as the New Year, and for this reason, the sign Aries that begins on the Spring Equinox, marked the beginning of the Zodiacal year.

Happy New Year! Time to revamp or restart your New Year’s Resolution.

The Sumerian and Babylonian cultures considered the first day of Aries as the most auspicious real-estate of the Zodiac, the holy of the holiest of time. This is also the basis for your Draconian Map, the astrological chart of your soul, your Atman. You can cast your free Draconic Chart HERE. Take a look at your own Draconic Chart, it would look different, and you will see you probably have a completely different sign. The term Draconic derives from the Latin name for dragon (Draconis).

However, this year we have a rare convergence of the Astrological New Year (equinox) with that of the Biblical one (New Moon in Aries). This Astro-turbo means, for good and/or bad, that in 2023 we are being thrust out of our comfort zone, into new uncharted territories. Saturn’s transit into Pisces can literally means we must be okay with being a fish out of water.  

In Exodus chapter 12, God goes into astrology, and tells Moses that the New Year should start on the New Moon in Aries, which is the first day of the lunar month of Nissan. Interesting to note that God’s command to start the year with Aries is found on the first sentence of the 12th chapter. God knows when to make an entrance, 12 for the 12 tribes, for the 12 signs.

In 2023 the Solar (equinox) and Lunar New Years (New Moon) converge, designating 2023 for a year of new beginnings, albeit whatever is initiated this year will take a mighty long time to come to fruition. Again, I wanted to reiterate the importance of March 21 this year. Light and Dark are balanced due to the equinox, but also the Solar (light) and Lunar calendar (dark) come together on the same day.

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A funny sidenote. I am writing you these words in a café, and just as I was adding this biblical quote I received my number for the order, wow and behold, it is a 12 (see main image of the post). Praise the Lord.

On March 21 I recommend spending some time contemplating, meditation, and pondering on how you could better balance your anima and animus, your yin and yang, your giving and receiving, your solar and lunar parts. For example, you can examine how much of your day you spend being active, pushing thing through, leading, haggling, exercising, compared to how much you spend being receptive, meditating, sitting still, creating, dancing, hiking in nature, flowing with events rather than controlling them. Another way to look at it is trying on this equinox to balance how much you are writing compare to reading, how much you talk versus listen.

The idea is not to judge yourself for overdoing one or the other but rather balancing and finding ways to be at one with our celestial environment by conjuring ways to bring your life into an equilibrium. Once you have done that, you can move to honor the New Moon in Aries, the first New Moon of the year and perchance the most important one. It is the Seed New Moon, the DNA of the year. Commit to start something new that could help you connect to the Aries in you. For example, a new exercise regiment, a new activity, a new journey towards self-discovery. Aries is the sign of your body, identity, and represents the engine that can drive you to achieving your goals. What battles you wish to win this year? Who is the underdog you would like to save? How can you tap to your superpowers and the spark of God within you? After all, the Kabbalistic letter for Aries is Hey, representing the embassy of the divine inside of you. During this New Moon in Aries you could have an audience with His or Her Excellency, Gods or Goddess Ambassador within you.  

On this Sunday’s Cosmic Navigator (10amPST on Zoom or Insta Live) we will cover the equinox and the New Moon in Aries, please join, and on March 21 I will do an equinox class dedicated to the Power of Your Name.

Have a happy and successful New Year!     

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  1. We like burning different colors candles on New moon colors connected to what we are trying to achieve in the next month. Is there color of candle you can suggest to burn since it’s a New Lunar year?

  2. Gahl you are amazing … I so enjoy the Sunday podcasts. You mentioned sonething last week about clearing ancesteral Karma .. can you speak more about this please ? Thank You !

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