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Welcome to Sagittarius Land! The Sun just transited from Scorpio to optimistic, happy-go-lucky Sagittarius. Tomorrow on the Check-Up meeting we will go over the magic of Sagittarius. To register to the free weekly meeting click HERE

Here we are, at the end of 2020, a year that would be etched in our bodies and souls for many decades to come. We are almost done with the first 12 years of the new decade and ready to embark on the year ahead. But before we can turn a page, there are a lot of celestial events that must transpire : two eclipses as well as a Grand Conjunction. 

As you can see above, I added a few workshops and classes. Some will be specifically designed to help you navigate 2021 as well as understand the importance of the next month and how it can influence the coming years. Some of you asked if it was possible to get my 2021 book signed and delivered as a holiday gift. If the address is in the US it can be done. You can email me for more info.

Nov 29-30 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 
The Sabian Symbol: A quiver filled with arrows.
Visibility: North and South America, Australia, and parts of Asia can see about 82% of the Full Moon.

This eclipse once again as was the case since May pits truth versus lies, knowledge and wisdom versus misinformation and conspiracy. We cannot control what posts or tweets disgruntled politicians upload into the collective, but we can guard our own words and actions and do our best to use the word (Gemini) in an authentic way (Sagittarius). The good news is that the ruler of Sagittarius (Jupiter in Capricorn) is sextile with the ruler of Gemini (Mercury in Scorpio) and that could help harmonize extremes.

This eclipse can help you make decisions and promote your business, publishing, writing, relations with relatives, education and teaching. However it is a polarizing aspect on a personal as well as global level. Be careful of the US VS THEM syndrome. I can share what I did to try to battle this global tendency. Today I downloaded two books (Gemini = information; Sagittarius = Wisdom) to try to build an intellectual bridge between liberalism and conservatism, which is necessary in order for us to come out of this deadlock that can not only kill the American Dream but also murder any other vision of unity that Generation Z and Alpha will one day need. The first book is Barak Obama’s Promised Land  and the other is by conservative journalist and commentator Timothy Carney: Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse. This is just an example, if you live in a different country you can try to find two books or any other form of information that can balance the two different sides of the same coin. 

My wise friend Vered Caplan told me last week that before oneness and unity can be gained there needs to be a period when duality expresses itself in extremity. The coiled spring must be pulled to its extreme before it can snap back into its relaxed state of oneness. I see it happening in all the places I teach these days: Turkey, Europe, Israel, USA, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Belarus, India, France Germany, just to name a few. The only places that might not feel this duality are those oppressed by autocratic regimes that enforce an illusionary unity.

One way we can work on this duality in our personal life, especially in this fateful December, is to be mindful of our – mind. We have to try to engage every day in at least one activity that activates our left brain and one that challenges our right brain. Find activities that demand both hemispheres, for example, solving a puzzle or learning a musical instrument or how to juggle. Gemini rules the Nervous System and if we must divide the two sides of the brain to signs, then we can roughly generalize that Gemini is the left brain which houses logical and language skill while the right brain, more Sagittarian, is the seat of spatial and imaginative faculties. 

Dec 14 – Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
Sabian Symbol: A bluebird (symbolizing joy) standing at the door of the house. Question: will we let it into our home or will it fly away… 
Visibility: Chile and Argentina in the afternoon some areas in South-West Africa.

This Solar eclipse is explosive since the Sun and Moon are in ember-spewing Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign. In addition, right on the new moon, Uranus and black moon Lilith conjunct and that is hardly good thing. It is equivalent of giving the representative of our darkest side control over nuclear bombs. The conjunction of Uranus and Lilith is in Taurus, the sign of finance as well as Mother Nature. Uranus is a very rude awakener, however there is a very thin silver lining. The great psychologist, mystic and astrologer, Carl G. Jung contended that our true gifts and talents (Taurus) are located in our shadow (Lilith). Since the eclipse quicken processes, maybe it can help us initiate (new moon) a new financial or artistic endeavor.

Looking at the way this aspect worked in history is a bit disconcerting:

  • 1100 when King Boudouin I of Boulogne was crowned in Jerusalem. He was the first Christian king to be anointed after the crusaders’ conquest of Jerusalem.
  • 1269 when King louis IX of France orders all Jews to wear a yellow badge or be fined 10 livers of silver.
  • 1348 as you remember, the Black Plague.
  • 1516 when the first ghetto in the world is established in Venice.
  • 1605 the first publication of part of Don Quixote sees light.
  • Fast forward to 20th century: 1941 Pearl Harbor attack.

On a slightly more optimistic note, the new moon in Sagittarius (Sun and Moon in Sagittarius)  is represented in the Thoth Tarot deck by the 9 of wands, which is called Strength. This could inject our lives with a new teaching, a powerful insight, and a torch to drive away the darkness. If we already mentioning light in dark time, from Dec 10 – 18 we celebrate Hanukah, the older brother of Christmas and a distant cousin of Yule and other holidays of Light. 

Dec 21 Winter Solstice and Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
This is a major change of guard. It is not only in politics but in all aspects of light that we are shirting from one party to another. Saturn and Jupiter are moving from mature and conservative Capricorn into youthful and liberal Aquarius. Since the conjunction is happening on one of the four Mega Days (Mega does not only mean “huge” but also stands for “Make Everyone Great Again”): Solstices and Equinoxes, this transit is magnified. Jupiter, the giver of gifts, also called the “Great Benevolent,” is moving from his sign of fall, where he was throughout 2020, to enter Aquarius. Saturn also does not mind transiting in Aquarius since he is the traditional ruler of the Water-Bearer sign. 

The Grand Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happen once every 20 years but once every 600 years it moves from one element (earth) to another (air). In my 2021 book I have a whole chapter detailing the history and meaning of the cycle. But suffice to say, this is huge. Expect a major change a coming…

I know, I know, no news is good news, but not during a time of such fundamental global changes. Since we are shifting into Aquarius it is good to remember that it is the sign of altruism, fraternity, equality, global-village and humanitarian activities. However, Aquarius is also the sign of revolution and unrest. So hold tight, it is a ride.

May the stars sign upon us and lead us back to love and kindness and civility, union and acceptance.


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