February’s Highlights – The Narrative of the Stars

I’m writing to you as I fly back to Los Angeles after a long fruitful journey between PCR and Lateral Flow tests Green Passes in Greek, Hebrew, English and Bulgarian, lots of form-filling and mask-wearing, shirtless runs in Tel Aviv beach and multi-layers coated walks in snowstorms. I was super excited to return to live events and in-person reading and thanks you guys for making it all possible. It was great to be back on the road and in the air. I will be doing my first live event in Los Angeles on Feb 5 4pm – a book signing and chat on the astrology of 2022. Next Sunday, on my weekly free class and podcast at 10amPST, I will be hosting Laura Day, bestselling author, teacher and intuit. We will talk about future memories and how to develop psychic abilities. You can also join us via the live Instagram Sunday 10amPST. Please send me questions or topics you would like for us to cover. Laura graciously does a live Insta every morning where she gives valuable advice and holds space for people to share intuitive readings and healings. Her Instagram is @Lauradayintuit. For those who missed last Sunday’s meeting, here is the recording: https://tinyurl.com/mtzns87b

Feb has the potential of being fab! I mean, considering the way 2022 started with all those retros it won’t be that hard. Look around you, Kazakhstan political turmoil, Russia insisting the West aggressing as Putin sends tens of thousands of troupes and surrounds Ukraine. Biden has a sob story moment when he is caught calling a reporter SOB. The busiest airport in Europe, the one I just departed from, was closed for hours-on-end until a few hours ago, due to an abnormal snowstorm that embraced Greece and Turkey, who forever are bond in karma and bad weather. An appeals court judge in New York kept the mask mandate after an appeal of another appeal. North Korea’s internet has been hit by a second wave of outages and airlines in the USA made cellphone providers delay their 5G upgrade near airport, not to mention the volatile stock markets around the world.

As I mentioned in my 2022 book, Jan of 2023 will be similar if not worse with Mercury and Mars retrograde crowning the next New Year. But enough with this gloominess. Let’s look at some good things lined up for us in the next month. One thing to remember, astrology is the marriage of free will and fate, while it is true that February hands us some good cards, what transpires in our lives will be determined by how we play our hand…

First thing first – Venus is going direct on Jan 30. As you recall, Venus, the planet that represents money, relationships, diplomacy, and values has been retrograding since Dec 19, 2021, and if you take into consideration her long embroidered black-caped shadow, then from mid-Nov things were getting funky and convoluted in your relationships as well as finance. However, the 28 and the 29 of Jan Venus is stationary, she is stuck, like when your zoom meeting freezes right when you had an unflattering expression. These two days are good to make sense and get some clarity on what you want from your relationships and financial situation. It is as if thoughts and feelings stand still and give us an opportunity to sift through them.

While indeed her highness, Venus, will be going direct from Jan 30, only on March 2 will she get out of her shadows. So, take your time with important decisions, purchases, relationships, and investments, that is if you can.

Another good news is that Mercury is following Venus’ lead and goes direct Feb 5. Again, he will be stationary Feb 3 and 4 so take heed. That could be the most challenging days with business and contracts. His shadow extends until Feb 24. But it’s all good to start signing projects and initiating deals from Feb 5. Mercury will gain momentum when he enters Aquarius on Feb 15 (see below).

On Feb 1, close to 2 billion people around the globe would celebrate the Chinese New Year. Welcome to the Year of the Water Tiger. Last time the tiger took a bath was in 1962, right when seven planets (the seven Chakras) were in Aquarius. For many Astrologers, Feb of 1962 ushered the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. Tiger is a fire animal and indeed most cats don’t like to swim. Yes, 2022 has its share of issues. Don’t forget that Jupiter will be transiting back and forth between Pisces (water) and Aries (fire). But it is a great New Moon to reignite your New Year Resolution (while being aware it is still Mercury retro).

One more thing before we get into a Virgo-state-of-mind and I detail the important dates of the month, Mars and Venus are coming together, which is great for love, relationships, passion, finance, and vitality. Mars is now transiting in Capricorn until March 5, which is super auspicious, as he is exalted under the goat sign. The fighter is trained by the best coach. You will already feel more alive, healed, strengthened. I assume it will help our collective defense-system against the Omicron and his gang. Since Venus is also in Capricorn, they will start sharing the same space on the zodiac real estate from Feb 8 until March 15. The exact conjunction and most powerful influence would be between Feb 14 (yes! Happy Valentine’s) and March 10.

Important Dates (Dates are for UT Midday)

Feb 1 (New Moon in Aquarius): Chinese New Year! Welcome to the Year of the Water-Tiger.

This is a special New Moon, and we should all celebrate it since Aquarius is the sign of humanity (as well as extra-terrestrials, just goes to show how democratic Aquarius is). This is the midpoint between the solstice and equinox. The Sabian Symbol of the New Moon is “a barometer.”

This is not an easy New Moon, with Saturn (co-ruler of Aquarius) sitting right on the Sun and the Moon, which could manifest as issues with mom and dad as well as figures of authority. There could be some difficulties between governments and countries. In addition, Uranus, (the other co-ruler of Aquarius) is squaring the New Moon. This adds tension and unpredictability. Take heed with accident, mishaps and issues with technology and computers. There also could be some challenges with friends or between allies.

Feb 2: Look at this – 02/02/2022

A binary strand of 0 and 2 instead of 0 and 1 happening right on the New Moon in Aquarius. If numbers tell stories, this day’s narrative is about a leap of faith we must take (the meaning of 0) in our relationships (the quality of 2); It could also be a tale of innovation and revolutions. 

Feb 3 and 4 (Mercury stationary in Capricorn)

These days can be challenging with figures of authority, bosses, and superiors. Not the best time to start anything new. Things feel heavy, pessimistic, and stagnated.

Feb 4 (Sun conjunct Saturn)

With Mercury being stuck in Capricorn, its ruler Saturn is sitting heavy on the Sun, making it challenging to express yourself and your needs. You may experience extra workloads or responsibilities, and gloominess. However, there is always a way to work with these aspects. Try to listen to advice of your superiors or elders, be discipline, diligent and alert. Avoid impulsive decisions. You might be able to crystalize things that before were unattainable.

Feb 5 (Mercury goes direct)

Halleluiah in Hebrew means, “praise Yah,” but this day we should exclaim Hallelu-Mercury! Things that have been held back for over three weeks could now start flowing or maybe we should say flying especially from Feb 14 when Mercury transits into Aquarius (see below). It’s a good time to start a project you kept on hold due to the retrograde.

Feb 14 (Mercury in Aquarius until March 9):

This transit facilitating communication and helping make new friends, a great time to start working in a new company as well as connecting to new technologies. This is a great placement for Mercury, some even consider him exalted in the fixed air sign of the Water-Bearer. I hope this means no issues with your Valentine’s celebrations.    

Feb 16 (Full Moon in Leo)

A wonderful time to bring something to completion that relates to love, children, friends, creativity, and sports. Sabian Symbol: Many little birds on the limb of a large tree. While Venus and Mars are in conjunction which means harmony, the Sun and Moon are creating a cross and square with the Lunar Nodes. If 2022 is a year of sacrifice for love, around this Full Moon it will be clear what offering is demanded of you.

Feb 16 (Mars and Venus Conjunct)

The two celestial lovers are having a date right on the Full Moon in Leo (a sign of love) and two days after Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air. This conjunction, as I mentioned above started a week or so before and will continue, on and off, until middle of March. The lovely product of Mars and Venus’ union was the goddess Harmonia. True to her name, it is a good time to balance your relationships between your feminine and masculine side as well as with your significant others. Great for artistic projects.

Feb 20 (USA Pluto Return)

02-20-2022. This is a big deal. Historically, it is an aspect that determines the fate and destiny of nations and empires. In my 2022 astrology book I give the example of the British Empire and how the Pluto Returns manifested in history. In the USA’s chart it represents a time of reevaluation of financial institutions, values, and change of direction. Pluto’s cycle is 250 years, and it is exact on 02-20-2022 (maybe it represents the binary nature of the nation – north vs south; urban vs rural; coasts vs inland, Democrats vs Republicans). The other two exact conjunctions fall on July 11, 2022 (dangerously close to July 4th) and Dec 28, 2022. However, it is dominant the whole of 2022.   

Feb 22 – Another binary day.

02-22-2022. Back to the USA chart, Neptune is 22 degrees Pisces which falls in perfect opposition to the natal USA Neptune. This is a challenging time for the US and had been influential since the beginning of 2021 (the Big Lie and Jan 6 attack on the Capital Hill). Deception, illusions, addictions, lack of boundaries, religious fanaticism, cults, and flooding. Last time this opposition took place was a few years before the Civil War. The opposition was exact on May 1, 2021; Aug 21, 2021; and will take place on March 1, 2022.   

Feb 25 (Mercury squares Uranus)

Disruption in business and communication, misunderstanding with humans or our digital friends. However, this aspect can awaken ingenuity, new discoveries, and connect you to people you didn’t suspect you would vibe with.


As you can see, a great deal is happening up and therefore also below. Try not to take things personally and not fret or worry about things you have no control over. Drive, swim, run, exercise, walk, think, post, text, write, fly, jump, love, and eat safely!

From up high somewhere between Istanbul and the City of Winged Angels, much love and happiness…



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