Harvest Full Moon

What is the Harvest Full Moon?
As the name implies, it is a Full Moon that occurs during the harvest season (Northern Hemisphere). You might argue that you are not a farmer so why should you care? But I beg the difference. You are a farmer, you grow things, starting with a seed all the way to maturity. Maybe those seeds do not sprouts or dress in green, but you still have ideas that are watered and nurtured by your feelings, seeds you place in life’s fertile soil, seeds you patiently nurture and support until they are big enough to feed you, until they are ready to be reaped and harvested. Some of us had an idea, “I want to have a child,” and you placed a seed in the womb and it grew into organs, a vessel for a soul. Others had an inspiration, a new application that let youngsters share short video clips. Yet another so called farmer found a seed of love and raised that love, irrigating the seedling with trust, and compassion, building a scarecrow to ward off past damaging relationship patterns from devouring the sprouting romance. In more ways than one, we are all farmers, we all live in the temple of Mother Nature, and as the biblical poet professed, “For a man is but a tree in the field.” Deuteronomy chapter 20:19. Here is a link to hear a song by Shalom Hanoch and Natan Zach, inspired by this biblical verse. It is in Hebrew but below are the lyrics proving you are not only a farmer but also the tree that grows in the field of the farmer. Link to song https://youtu.be/GTjYHa4r_CQ

For man is the tree of the field
Like the man, the tree also grows
Like the tree, the man gets cut down
And I know not
Where I was or where would I be
Like the tree of the field

For man is the tree of the field
Like the tree, (the man) aspires to great heights
Like the man, (the tree) catches fire
And I know not
Where I was or where would I be
Like the tree of the field

I have loved and I have hated
I have tasted of this and that
I was buried in a plot of earth
And bitter, bitter is my mouth
Like the tree of the field
Like the tree of the field

For man is the tree of the field
Like the tree, (the man is) thirsty for water
Like the man, (the tree) remains thirsty
And I know not
Where I was or where would I be
Like the tree of the field

The Harvest Full Moon is the last full moon before the equinox, falling always during the Sun’s transit in Virgo, the sign of the maiden holding a sheath of wheat. The Full Moon during Virgo will always be in the opposite sign of Pisces, the last of the Zodiac, which represents enlightenment, the end of the soul’s journey and the return to oneness. Virgo is the sign of work, routine, health, diet, and service. Pisces is the sign of imagination, mysticism, dance, poetry, empathy and dreams. The Full Moon is a time when these two forces: analytical (Virgo) and holistic (Pisces); work (Virgo) and sleep (Pisces); facts (Virgo) and fantasy (Pisces), oppose and reflect each other.

Many see the Full Moon as a time of conflict and antagonism, but I think it is not as simple as that. I think opposition means the one looking at oneself in the mirror. Whenever you find yourself in an opposition, you are in reality confronting your reflection: equal but opposite. Therefore, I view the Full Moon as a period of integration and balance. Can I serve and work hard (Virgo) but also take care of myself and rest, dance, imagine (Pisces)? Can I make my work more imaginative? Is there a way to find the rhythm in my routine and dance to it instead of feeling trapped or bored? Is there a way to balance joy and responsibilities? Every Full Moon gives us a chance to balance opposing forces and help them fit nicely together like two pieces of Lego.

How to Integrate?
The Sun, which represents action, is in Virgo, therefore, we must be active in aspects of life which Virgo represents: diet, detox, order, cleaning, working, accounting etc. The Moon, which symbolizes reception is in Pisces, which is the sign of dream, imagination, flow, and empathy. The formula is simple, be active with Virgo so you can receive your Pisces. In other words, take action in your work, edit, organize, put things in order, cleanse yourself, focus on your routine and if you do all that the Harvest Moon will grant you vivid prophetic dreams, synchronicities, and magical moments, maybe if you are lucky you could gain access to your very own Wonderland.

Harvest Full Moon Practically Speaking
Astrology is a system of symbols originally designed to help early farmers and later, also rulers manage the first urban societies in Sumeria and Babylon. Astrology is the nexus of the space time crossroad. When do farmers plant their crops? Spring. When do they harvest? Now. It is easy for anyone on the planet to go back and see what happened in March/April: lock-down, pandemic, even the deniers at that time came around and acknowledge the severity of the virus. We cannot say that Covid-19 was planted in the springtime, it was more our reaction to the virus that was placed in the fields at that time. Go back to March and April and recall what you have started doing at that time, whatever you sown then you are now reaping. For a few years in my late teens and early twenties I was a farmer in a Kibbutz. I remember how everyone in the Kibbutz had to converge to the tomato fields after work and help with the harvest. There was no exceptions, everyone had to join since we had less than a week to finish the harvest or we would lose the produce. It was a time of celebration (Pisces) but also hard work (Virgo). It is not a coincidence that in the U.S. Labor Day is celebrated very close to the Harvest Full Moon and always in Virgo, the sign of employees and work.

Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

U.S. Department of Labor Website

When is the Actual Full Moon
Depends where you are on the planet but in UT (+0:00) it falls on Sep 2 at 5:00am. The Sabian Symbol of 10 degrees Pisces (where the Full Moon occurs): Men seeking illumination. Remember that the symbols were channeled in 1925, just 6 years after women were allowed to vote in the U.S., and so we can forgive the emphasis on the word men and replace it with people. The omen of the Full Moon, or perhaps what we should harvest is “illumination.”  

The Harvest Full Moon also appears brighter and rises earlier than regular Full Moon since it is the closest to the Equinox. The extra light of the Full Moon helped farmers work after dark and gather more harvest. Sep 2nd gives us a chance to harvest what we have worked on during the lock down and pandemic. For everything under the Sun there is a reason. Now it is time to reflect on the last 5-6 months and reap what you have sown. 

Have a wonderful time surfing the rays of the moon

Neil Young – Harvest Full Moon (click on link to hear)

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